Is American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine peer-reviewed?

The American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine is a biweekly peer-reviewed medical journal published by the American Thoracic Society.

What are acceptability criteria for spirometry?

For tests reviewed from 2004 and 2005, having met the acceptability criteria for a minimum of 3 efforts, the highest and second highest FVC values and the highest and second highest FEV1 values from these acceptable efforts were within 200 mL of each other.

How do you assess spirometry?

In a spirometry test, while you are sitting, you breathe into a mouthpiece that is connected to an instrument called a spirometer. The spirometer records the amount and the rate of air that you breathe in and out over a period of time. When standing, some numbers might be slightly different.

What is Respirology?

Respirology is a journal of international standing, publishing peer-reviewed articles of scientific excellence in clinical and clinically-relevant experimental respiratory biology and disease.

Does Respirology report data obtained through clinical trials?

In accordance with ICMJE recommendations, Respirology requires the inclusion of a data availability statement for manuscripts submitted from 1 July 2018 onwards that report data obtained through clinical trials. If clinical trial data will not be shared, a statement to that effect is still required.

How to publish a systematic review in respirology?

If accepted for publication, systematic reviews attract the regular publication fee. Correspondences are letters regarding articles published in Respirology. Correspondences must be fewer than 500 words and may include maximum 4 references and 1 table or figure. An abstract is not required.

Where can I buy Respirology?

Respirology is published by Wiley in electronic format only. Print subscriptions and single issue sales are available from Wiley’s Print-on-Demand Partner. To order online click here.