Is Alberto Gonzales Mexican?

Gonzales was born to a Catholic family in San Antonio, Texas, and raised in Humble, Texas, a town outside of Houston. Of Mexican descent, he was the second of eight children born to Maria (Rodriguez) and Pablo M. Gonzales.

How much money did Albert Gonzalez steal?

In various related raids, authorities seized $1.6 million in cash (including $1.1 million buried in plastic bags in a three-foot drum in his parents’ backyard), his laptops and a compact Glock pistol. Officials said that, at the time of his arrest, Gonzalez lived in a nondescript house in Miami.

How old is Alberto Gonzales?

66 years (August 4, 1955)Alberto R. Gonzales / Age

Where was Alberto Gonzalez born?

San Antonio, TXAlberto R. Gonzales / Place of birth

Who was attorney general under George HW Bush?

William Barr
President George H. W. Bush
Preceded by Donald B. Ayer
Succeeded by George J. Terwilliger III
United States Assistant Attorney General for the Office of Legal Counsel

Who was George Bush’s AG?

John David Ashcroft (born May 9, 1942) is an American lawyer, lobbyist, and former politician who served as the 79th U.S. Attorney General in the George W. Bush Administration, Senator from Missouri, and Governor of Missouri. He later founded The Ashcroft Group, a Washington D.C. lobbying firm.

Where was Alberto Gonzales born?

Who preceded William Barr?

William Barr
President Donald Trump
Deputy Rod Rosenstein Ed O’Callaghan (acting) Jeffrey A. Rosen
Preceded by Jeff Sessions
Succeeded by Merrick Garland

Is Bill Barr married?

Christine BarrWilliam Barr / Spouse (m. 1973)