How do I verify my ASB account?

To verify your identity the ASB ID app uses your mobile’s NFC reader to scan your passport’s embedded chip, takes a special selfie-like scan of your face to compare with the photo on your passport, and sends this information to our trusted third party providers for verification purposes.

How do I get proof of address ASB?

If you’re joining ASB, you may need to upload a document that shows your address:

  1. A statement or letter from a bank other than ASB.
  2. A letter from a government department or agency, such as the IRD, Department of Justice or the Electoral Commission.

How do I activate my ASB Internet Banking?

Go to and Log In to FastNet Classic at the top-right of the page. Enter your Username and the Temporary Password issued by the bank and select ‘Log in’. Enter a New password, containing at least 8 characters with at least 2 letters and 2 numbers or special characters.

How do I unlock my ASB account?

  1. Open the ASB Mobile app.
  2. Tap on ‘Login options’ in the bottom left corner of the PIN screen.
  3. Tap on ‘Reset password’ on the Login options panel and follow the easy steps.
  4. We’ll reset your ASB password and unlock your access immediately.

How do I get proof of address NZ?

What can I use as proof of address?

  1. Utility bill.
  2. Statement/correspondence from another financial institution.
  3. Insurance policy document (not issued by Westpac Group)
  4. Unexpired rental or tenancy agreement.
  5. Correspondence from a government agency containing a unique.

What counts as proof of address NZ?

Your proof of address Common acceptable documents are a recent bank statement, utility bill, or rates notice. They must be less than 12 months old.

What is an address verification document?

Address Verification Any bill or financial statement showing your name and residence address. Utility bill (electricity, gas, garbage, water, or sewer) Cable TV or internet bill. Telephone bill.

Why is my ASB card not working?

Common reasons that a transaction may not work on your ASB Visa card may include: Our fraud monitoring systems may I have a Visa card; do I need a PIN number? Yes you will need to select a PIN to activate your card so that it can be used. For contactless …

Why can I not log into my bank account?

Ensure you can access other websites. Clear your browser cache. Delete cookies (this will remove your saved settings for sites you’ve previously visited such as username, password, or other personal information) Close all browser windows then reopen and try accessing Online Banking again.