How do I sync my clean remote to my TV?

Press and firmly Hold down the Setup button, do not release. The LED will blink once and then after 7 seconds it will initiate code search. The LED will continue to blink every 2 seconds. Once your TV shuts off immediately remove your finger from the Setup button; the code automatically locks in.

How do I program my remote to my cable box to clean?

To Program the Cable Box make sure the cable box and TV are on. Next, Hold Down the CBL button and CC button at the same time and wait until the LED light blinks quickly 3 times. Then immediately release both buttons.

How do you program a fresh remote?

Press and HOLD both [SETUP] and [CC] till remote light starts 3 flashes (hold 3~6 seconds). 3. Hold [SETUP] as long as the remote light starts on/continue blink= starts code searching; it will take a while to pair the codes 4. Press and firmly Hold down the Setup button, do not release.

How do I reset my cr1 clean remote?

If you think that you missed the code you can reset the remote back to the beginning of the code search; first press and hold the setup button for 3 seconds and then while still pressing the setup button down, press and hold the CC button down at the same time until the red LED light blinks quickly 3 times.

Is Clean Remote Universal?

Clean RemoteĀ® Universal TV Remote Controls TV remotes are frequently handled, and studies show they harbor bacteria and viruses. Clinical tests found Clean Remotes to be 99% cleaner than all other remotes tested.

How does clean remote work?

The Clean Remote features a non-porous, sealed membrane that can reduce bacteria and germs by as much as 99% compared to traditional remotes, according to Clean Remote LLC. The remote connects with all LG Hotel TV models, with no additional setup required.

How do clean remotes work?

Clean Remotes have been found to carry 99% less germs and bacteria in clinical studies even before being cleaned. This is possible due to the Clean Remotes sealed non-porous membrane surface which dramatically reduces the openings and crevices that harbor viruses and bacteria on standard remotes.

What does clean remote mean?

The remote has a solid skin with flat buttons for the basic TV remote functions. It lacks a guide button and a few others that would speed up navigating through the high number off unfamiliar cable channels. The single body design means there are no raised buttons with cracks around them for crumbs and germs to hide.

Why is the Clean Remote not for home use?

The Clean Remote is suggested on the official website as a great product for areas like hospitals, hotels, and homes. The non-home version of the remote also prevents battery theft by keeping the remote enclosure sealed. I was not aware that batteries along with towels were difficult for hotels to hold onto.