How are cell phone policies implemented?

How To Implement A Cell Phone Policy At Work

  1. 1) Put Your Cell Phone Policy In Writing.
  2. 2) Include Security Concerns, Accountability, And Permissible Use.
  3. 3) Enumerate What Is Not Permitted.
  4. Policy Purpose.
  5. Scope.
  6. Policy Guidelines.
  7. Disciplinary Consequences.
  8. 4) Distribute Your Cell Phone Policy In Multiple Formats.

What are 4 good cell phone use practices?

Top 10 Cell Phone Manners

  • Be in control of your phone, don’t let it control you!
  • Speak softly.
  • Be courteous to those you are with; turn off your phone if it will be interrupting a conversation or activity.
  • Watch your language, especially when others can overhear you.

Why are cell phone policies important?

The likelihood of occupational injuries increases when workers are not focused on their tasks or personal safety. A workplace cell phone policy benefits employers more than just preventing accidents. Guidelines may also increase productivity by reducing or eliminating the use of devices.

What is a mobile phone policy?

Drivers are strictly prohibited from using personal mobile phones during the working day. Mobile phones can be used during breaks and lunch time periods, provided it is safe and reasonable to do so. Mobile phones and driving It is against the law to use a hand-held mobile phone when driving.

What are 5 good etiquette rules for the use of your cell phone?

Phone Etiquette

  • Answer the call within three rings.
  • Immediately introduce yourself.
  • Speak clearly.
  • Only use speakerphone when necessary.
  • Actively listen and take notes.
  • Use proper language.
  • Remain cheerful.
  • Ask before putting someone on hold or transferring a call.

How do cell phones affect productivity?

A 2017 survey from staffing firm OfficeTeam found the average office employee spends 56 minutes per day using their cell phone during work hours for non-work activity, adding up to just under five hours a week of lost productivity, per employee.

What is the purpose of a cell phone policy?

The purpose of this cell phone policy is to form a work environment that is productive and free of distractions. All employees must operate under this policy, regardless of position. It is the company’s expectation that all cell phones will be off or on silent during normal business hours so normal workflow remains undisturbed.

How to set up a cell phone policy at work?

Here are TEN pointers to help you with your Company Cell Phone Policy at Work. 1. Communication clearly state what you are expecting of your employees and their behavior. Put your policy in writing and share it during Orientation for new employees, and in some written form to all existing employees.

What are the best practices for cell phone policies?

Three best practices for cell phone policies 1 Equip employees for work. Many employees use their cellphones for work-related tasks — to store contacts, take photographs that help them with business-related tasks, perform work-related research, keep calendars, use 2 Communicate clearly. 3 Address cell phone use on the road.

What are the criteria for a cell phone usage policy?

When using a cell phone usage policy, your employer will usually consider these criteria: 1. Equal Enforcement The rules of cell phone usage for employees while at work should apply to all members of the company equally. 2. Industry type