Why is my water bill so high peel?

Water bills are often higher in the summer when homeowners are watering lawns and gardens or re-filling swimming pools. You can still enjoy a healthy and beautiful yard without wasting water. Learn more about efficient outdoor water use.

How often is Peel water bill?

every 3 months
Your water bill is based on your water meter reading. Most customers are billed every 3 months. If you use over 455 cubic metres of water per month, you’ll be billed every month.

How do I check my water bill Brampton?

Account history You may contact us at 905-791-8711 if you need to request a statement of your billing history.

How much does water cost in Ontario?

2019 Gallon Rates

Effective April 1, 2019 Rate if paid on or before due date Rate if paid after due date
Block 1 – For all water consumption up to 1,099,850 gal. $0.01797927/gal. $0.01892531/gal.
Block 2 – For consumption over 1,099,850 gal. $0.01258535/gal. $0.01324772/gal.

How do I pay my Peel water bill?

Most Canadian banks offer phone or online banking for water bill payments. When searching for the bill payee, include the terms Peel water or Region of Peel water. You’ll need your 10-digit water account number to set up the bill payee. This number is at the top-right corner of your water bill.

What services does Peel water and wastewater do?

Water and wastewater – Region of Peel Home Water and wastewater Water billing Getting your bill Paying your bill Changes to your account Billing for landlords and tenants Services charge Water meters Energy and water reporting and benchmarking Your home Basement flooding Fire hydrants Inspections and surveys Keep these things out of the sewer

How much water does the average household use in Peel?

Support for local Conservation Authorities that help protect our natural environment An average household in Peel uses approximately 290 cubic metres of water per year. Visit paying your bills for more information on billing and late payments. A 91-day grace period has been introduced for water bills issued from April 1 – June 30.

How do I contact the region of Peel?

Contact information and chat Email the Region of Peel Local information (211) Municipal information (311) Connect to Peel email signup Holiday hours Council Region of Peel Council Watch live Regional Chair: Nando Iannicca Speaking at Council or Committee