How do I prepare for a written exam?

Here are a few tips to help you when you’re taking your private pilot written exam:

  1. Read the instructions carefully.
  2. Read each question twice before your look at the possible answers.
  3. Never leave a question unanswered, always make an educated guess if you’re not sure.
  4. Avoid wasting too much time on any one question.

How do I pass FAA knowledge test?

In order to pass, you’ll need to score a 70% or higher. For every other certificate or rating, the FAA Airman Knowledge Testing matrix shows the requirements of each test. The FAA no longer releases the question bank for any test; however, sample exam questions and changes to topics are released.

How long does it take to become a sport pilot?

To earn a sport pilot certificate, a minimum of 20 hours flight-instruction time is required, with 15 hours of that being with an FAA-authorized instructor, plus five hours of solo flight and two hours of cross-country flight.

Can you take FAA written test online?

FAA Airman Knowledge Testing is now available for online scheduling. If you are a new user, and want to start scheduling your exam, click below to create an account (In order to create an account, you will need your FAA Tracking Number). Or, to sign in with your existing account, and schedule your exam, click below.

What planes can a sport pilot fly?

A sport pilot may exercise flight privileges in one or more of the following aircraft categories:

  • Airplane (single-engine only)
  • Glider.
  • Lighter-than-air (airship or balloon)
  • Rotorcraft (gyroplane only)
  • Powered Parachute.
  • Weight-Shift control aircraft(e.g. Trikes)

Can a sport pilot fly a passenger?

The holder of a valid sport pilot certificate may: Operate as pilot in command of a sport pilot eligible aircraft. Carry a single passenger and share expenses (fuel, oil, airport expenses, and aircraft rental). Fly during the daytime using visual flight rules (VFR).

How high can a sport pilot fly?

Sport Pilots are allowed to fly to an altitude of 10,000 feet above mean sea level, or 2,000 feet above ground level, whichever is higher. Sport Pilots are allowed to operate in Class E and G Airspace.

What subjects are covered in the FAA sport pilot written test?

King Schools’ test question database covers all the FAA subjects that you’ll be tested on including — airspace, FAA regulations and flight operations. Warning: You can’t just memorize test questions and expect to pass your FAA Sport Pilot Written Test.

Why King schools sport pilot video group school&test prep?

King Schools Sport Pilot Video Group School & Test Prep course will provide you with all the knowledge you need, FAST —and at about the cost of a single hour of flight instruction. Why not try it now—you have nothing to lose with our no-risk, 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee .

Can you memorize test questions for the FAA sport test?

Warning: You can’t just memorize test questions and expect to pass your FAA Sport Pilot Written Test. Why? The FAA used to make their question banks publicly available; however, they have not done so for many years.

How should I prepare for the knowledge test?

Before taking the knowledge test, you may have to show proof of age, such as a birth certificate. How should I prepare for the knowledge test? You should study the materials identified by your flight instructor or included in a home-study course. For the recreational pilot test, the materials are based on section 61.97 of FAA’s rules.