Why is Chinese good in badminton?

Government Funding Help Athletes around the world have been known to be attracted to a sport which also takes care of their financial needs and with the kind of monetary assistance the Chinese government provides to players, it comes as no surprise more and more players take to badminton.

Who is No 1 ranking in badminton?

Rank Country Player Name
1 DEN Viktor Axelsen
2 JPN Kento Momota
3 DEN Anders Antonsen
4 TPE Chou Tien Chen

How old is momota?

27 years (September 1, 1994)Kento Momota / Age

Why are Chinese players so good at Badminton?

– There is a huge player base. Promising young talent is scouted for badminton, and then is submerged in the correct technique, footwork, and physical exercises required to be the best. – There is monetary incentive to play in China. – There are tournaments and leagues at the town, provincial, and country level.

Who is the world No 1 badminton player?

With the retirement of Pulleta Gopichand, Kidambi Srikanth became the Number 1 men’s player in Badminton in 2018, with six wins in the BWF Superseries and three BWF Grand Prix victories! Benefits of Badminton. Playing Badminton has advantages that go beyond the glory of the gold medals.

Who are the top badminton players?

Badminton Player Tasnim Mir created history by becoming the world no. 1 in the Under-19 girls singles on Wednesday. The Badminton World Federation (BWF) released its latest junior rankings which revealed that Tasnim Mir had secured the top spot. The

How many badminton players in China?

China — Approximately 100 Million Players.

  • The United States — Approximately 6.4 Million Badminton Players.
  • Japan – About 4 Million Badminton Players.
  • Indonesia — Roughly One Million Club Players.
  • The United Kingdom — 747,000 Players as of 2020 but 944,600 in 2016.