What is the refractory material used in the furnace?

Silica bricks
Silica bricks are often used in the iron and steel industry as furnace materials. An important property of silica brick is its ability to maintain hardness under high loads until its fusion point. Silica Refractories are usually cheaper hence easily disposable.

What is refractory material made of?

What Are Refractories Made Of? Refractories are produced from natural and synthetic materials, usually nonmetallic, or combinations of compounds and minerals such as alumina, fireclays, bauxite, chromite, dolomite, magnesite, silicon carbide, and zirconia.

What is the most commonly used refractory material and why?

Fireclay refractories As fireclay brick is relatively cheap and its raw materials are widespread, it is the most common type of refractory brick and used widely in most furnaces, kilns, stoves, regenerators, etc.

What are the general requirements of a refractory material?

The general requirements form the refractories are (i) ability to withstand high temperatures and trap heat within a limited area like a furnace, (ii) ability to withstand sudden changes of temperature, (iii) ability to withstand load at service conditions, (iv) ability to withstand chemical and abrasive action of the …

What do you mean by refractory material?

Refractories are materials that are resistant to high temperature, used predominantly as furnace linings for elevated temperature materials processing and other applications in which thermomechanical properties are critical.

What is a refractory material in dentistry?

Dental investments and refractory materials (part 1) A refractory is a non metallic material with can with stand high temperature without degrading , softening or losing its strength. A investment is a ceramic material which is suitable for forming a mold into which a molten metal or alloy is cast.

What is meant by refractory material?

What requirements must furnace refractories fulfill?

OF REFRACTORIES The general requirement which a refractory material is to fulfill may be summarized as follows: 1. Ability to withstand high temperature. 2. Ability to withstand temperature fluctuation.

What do you mean by refractory materials?