How many times did Ken Curtis appear on Gunsmoke?

The media could not be loaded, either because the server or network failed or because the format is not supported. Ken Curtis played 7 different characters on Gunsmoke!

How many times was Ken Curtis on Gunsmoke not as Festus?

He played a half-Native American scout in the episode “Speak Me Fair” for instance, according to IMDB. Curtis played various roles during the series’ early days, making infrequent appearances. But he wouldn’t play Festus for the first time until 1962 in the Season 8 Episode 13, “Us Haggens.”

What episode did Ken Curtis first appear on Gunsmoke?

Us Haggens.
Ken Curtis made his first appearance as Festus Haggen on Gunsmoke December 8th 1962 in the episode “Us Haggens.”

Who appeared on Gunsmoke the most?

‘Gunsmoke’: Michael Landon’s Best Friend Victor French Held Record for Most Guest Appearances on the Show. Gunsmoke was on the air for two decades. So the beloved western relied on a bevy of guest stars. Victor French was there alongside Marshal Matt Dillon in Dodge City for 23 shows.

How many times did Ken Curtis appear on Gunsmoke before he became Festus?

Although he appeared on Gunsmoke earlier in other roles, he was first cast as Festus in season 8 episode 13, December 8, 1962 “Us Haggens.” His next appearance was Season 9, episode 2, October 5, 1963 as Kyle Kelly, in “Lover Boy.” Curtis joined the cast of Gunsmoke permanently as Festus in “Prairie Wolfer,” season 9 …

What was Dennis Weaver’s last episode on Gunsmoke?

Actor Dennis Weaver (who played TV Chester) decided to exit the series after nine seasons to pursue other opportunities. His last episode, titled “Bently,” saw Chester leave Dodge City, Kan. to find a murderer following a suspicious deathbed confession.

How tall was Milburn Stone of Gunsmoke?

5′ 8″Milburn Stone / Height

How did Ken Curtis get the role of Festus on Gunsmoke?

He once said he patterned “Festus” after a local character known as Cedar Jack, who lived about 40 miles out in the cedar hills and made a living cutting cedar fence posts for farmers and ranchers. When he came to Las Animas, he usually ended up drunk and in jail. This gave Curtis plenty of opportunity to observe him.

Why did Ken Curtis leave Gunsmoke?

The reason why the three never shared more screen time together is that Chester was leaving “Gunsmoke” for greener pastures. Actor Dennis Weaver, who played Chester, wanted to pursue other opportunities. He had been on the show since the beginning. But he decided to leave during Season Nine.

How many different characters did Ken Curtis play on Gunsmoke?

Ken Curtis Festus / 306 episodes, 1959-1975 Dennis Weaver Chester / 290 episodes, 1955-1964 Glenn Strange Sam / 206 episodes, 1961-1973 Fred McDougall

Did Ken Curtis play Kyle Kelly on Gunsmoke?

Ken Curtis, who would later play Matt’s deputy, Festus Haggen, plays Kyle Kelly in this entry. He has previously played Festus in Gunsmoke: Us Haggens (1962). See more » Kyle asks Quint if the Dodge House is a good hotel. Quint says “No, but it’s the only one.”

When did Ken Curtis leave Gunsmoke?

She played the character of Miss Kitty for 19 years before leaving the show in 1974. It’s not certain whether it’s a coincidence or not that the CBS show was canceled the next year, in 1975 or if after 20 years on air, it was just time.