Do spur straps go on the inside or outside?

With any spur strap that has some shape to it, you want to make sure the straps are on the correct side. The buckle should be facing outward and the flat part of the strap should lay against the inside of your foot and over the top to where it meets the buckle.

Which way do spurs face?

It should ALWAYS be at the back of your head. If it’s on your forehead you are wearing the hat backwards. And nobody is going to argue with that rule. However, as I learned from this conversation all those years ago, the spur strap “rule” is a little less cut and dried.

How do you keep spurs in place?

Spur straps play an important role in keeping spurs in place. LeeAnn likes wide straps on western spurs because they help the spurs stay put. And, they offer a little more protection on the inside of your foot.

How do I stop my spurs from riding up?

If you need to make your spur bands narrower, place the ends of the bands on the inside of the jaws of a vise and rotate the handle to tighten them. You can line jaws of the vise in a soft plastic material, a tough piece of cloth, or a piece of leather to protect the outside of your spur bands.

Do people use spurs anymore?

The spur as an art form, as well as a tool, is still seen in western riding, where spurs with engraving and other artistic elements, often handmade and using silver or other precious metals, are still worn.

How do you bend a spur band?

To make spur bands wider place the ends of the bands over the outside of a vise’s jaws. Slowly rotate the handle until your spur bands expand. This will not damage your spurs.

How do you attach a spur to boots?

Gather all the pieces needed to assemble your spur. You’ll need to grab your boots, heel band (with rowel attached), and the straps you will be using. This is a perfect time to position any decorative strap sides where you want them before attaching them to the heel band. Attach button straps onto heel bands with buttons.

How do I attach the strap to the heel band?

Start with one side of the heel band and place the first strap with the buttonhole over the heel band button. Spread the buttonhole apart to push the button through the hole. Rotate the strap around the button until it lays down flat.

How do I replace the button on the outside strap?

1. Required items are a small flat screwdriver, a pair of needle nose pliers and your spurs and straps. 2. Spread the opening in the outside strap (smaller strap with buckle) using the pliers. Push the edge of the outside button through the hole. Wedge the screwdriver in the opening on top of and parallel with the button.

How do I remove the strap from the watch strap?

Wedge the screwdriver in the opening on top of and parallel with the button. Leverage the strap behind the button with the screwdriver. 3. Spread the opening in the back of the inside strap (larger strap) with the pliers.