Who has been murdered in Chapter 21 in Frankenstein?

Terms in this set (41) Who has been murdered in Chapter 21? We find out in Chapter 21 that Henry Clerval has been murdered.

What is the most important quotation from Chapter 21 of Frankenstein?

“I saw the lifeless form of Clerval stretched before me… why did I not die then? More miserable than man ever was before, why did I not sink into forgetfulness and rest? You just studied 6 terms!

Is Victor guilty of a crime?

Frankenstein for the Crime. Given the evidence against him and his willing confession, Victor Frankenstien was found guilty of the charges of negligence and/or malicious actions that lead to death and destruction of his younger brother.

What did Nugent swear?

The brother-in-law, Daniel Nugent, swore that he saw a single man in a boat just before they found the body. He claims it was the same boat that Victor was in.

Who saves and nurses Victor back to health at the end of 21 and how is it ironic?

who “saves” and nurses Victor at the end of chapter 21? How is this ironic? A hired nurse who tells him he would likely be better off dead after she saves him.

What happens to Victor at the end of the novel?

At the end of the novel, Victor dies on Robert Walton’s ship in the Arctic Circle. The boat captain finds his body and the monster who mourns Victor’s death in the room. The Creature disappears from the boat to kill himself. Victor and the monster die in the end.

What happened in Chapter 21 of Frankenstein Chapter 21?

Summary: Chapter 21. After confronting Victor, the townspeople take him to Mr. Kirwin, the town magistrate. Victor hears witnesses testify against him, claiming that they found the body of a man along the beach the previous night and that, just before finding the body, they saw a boat in the water that resembled Victor’s.

What happens to Victor Frankenstein at the end of Frankenstein?

Victor is held in prison, and Kirwin sends a nurse and doctor to return him to good health. At the trial, Kirwin offers a spirited defense of Victor and manages to secure Victor’s release when the court learns of Victor’s residence on the Orkney Islands.

What kind of character is Victor Frankenstein?

Victor is a wreck of a human being, having worked to create a second creature and enduring the toils of a prisoner. The “shadow of a human being,” Victor is not himself because a “fever night and day” threatens his “wasted frame.”

How does the monster treat Victor in Frankenstein?

The monster intentionally targets Victor’s closest family and friends, making Victor’s isolation as enforced as its own. When Victor regains awareness he is still in prison. Mr. Kirwin treats him kindly, advising him that he’ll likely be freed.