Who is Vestel?

One of the top 3 global TV producers, Vestel is synonymous with AV innovation, designing and manufacturing TV sets for almost every major brand around the world. In touch with the designs and trends of nearby Europe, Turkish manufacturing giant, Vestel, has created and manufactured its own series of award-winning smartphones.

What kind of EV chargers does Vestel offer?

Driving the creation of future-proof technology, Vestel has introduced a whole series of ultra-efficient and convenient EV chargers for residential as well as public areas. Accessible via a smart charging application, the EV chargers offer 3.7kW, 7.4kW, 11kW and 22kW AC charging options.

Is Vestel coming out in Europe?

Vestel Smartphone Launch. Stepping up its plans for further expansion in the mobile sector, global manufacturer, Vestel, is set to hit the European market with a dynamic new series of smartphones. Marking the launch of Vestel as a brand in Europe, the design-inspired series is to.

Why Vestel 55-84” IR and capacitive touch displays?

Inspiring greater collaboration and productivity, Vestel offers an expansive series of 55-84” IR and capacitive touch displays, which come with features, such as 10 and 20 point touch control, Quadcore SoC technology, OPS compatibility with Windows and Android operating systems as well as high brightness and 4K resolution.

Where does Vestel make Internet of things (IA)?

Vestel has set up an IA design and development company in Silicon Valley, Vestel USA, which is developing appliances including internet-TV, Internet-Terminal and internet phone. Vestel has been chosen as one of the five producers to develop these Web Companions with Microsoft.

Why Vestel for hospitality lighting?

With Impeccable Design and Superior Technology, VESTEL Hospitality solutions come with a range of value-added functions allowing hoteliers to customise their service according your business needs. Drawing on years’ worth of LED expertise and manufacturing experience, Vestel has grown to become a leading supplier of cutting-edge LED lighting.