Who has Premier League rights in Singapore?

Telecommunications giant takes over English top-flight soccer coverage from rival Singtel. The Premier League has signed a six-year broadcast partnership with StarHub, whose pay-TV service will provide coverage of all 380 English top-flight soccer matches in Singapore from the start of the 2022/23 season.

Is EPL copyrighted?

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How much does it cost to sponsor an EPL team?

In the 2018/19 season, the value of the kit sponsorships of all Premier League clubs amounted to 349.1 million British Pounds….

Characteristic Kit sponsorship revenue in million GBP
Arsenal FC (Fly Emirates) 40
Tottenham Hotspur (AIA) 35
West Ham United (Betway) 10
Everton FC (SportPesa) 9.6

Can you film at football?

The rule is pretty clear – fans should not be filming match footage and putting it on social media, and clubs are entitled to eject anyone who does it, so clubs cannot be blamed for simply following rules.

How much is EPL worth?

So the total money from current domestic (£5.136 billion) and oversees (£3.2 billion) three-year deal was around £8.36 billion, the total TV money is then spread equally into three seasons which is around £2.6 billion and that makes the yearly prize money fund for the Premier League teams.

How much does it cost to watch EPL in Singapore?

Offers available are on $49.90/month no-contract recurring basis, and $49.90/month on a 12-month contract recurring basis with free 3 months.

Will Singtel TV’s EPL rights deal mean a price hike?

The latest rights deal will make Singtel TV the official broadcaster of the EPL in Singapore for 12 consecutive seasons. And the good news is there will not be a price hike for at least the next season, according to a Singtel spokesman.

Who has the English Premier League broadcast rights in Singapore?

SINGAPORE — StarHub has won the broadcast rights in Singapore for the English Premier League, breaking a 12-year streak by rival telco Singtel.

What has happened to StarHub’s EPL rights?

Before the cross carriage rules were in place, the exclusive rights to EPL matches meant that StarHub could tie down users and then bundle mobile and broadband services together in an attractive Hubbing deal. Today, much of this has been unbundled.

What does StarHub’s English Premier League deal mean for Singapore?

StarHub has agreed a six-season rights deal with the English Premier League for Singapore. The deal will see StarHub take over the rights from Singtel, which has held the rights to the EPL since 2010-11.