What food goes with raclette?

“Gschwellti” or steamed potatoes are a must for raclette. In addition to pickled onions and gherkins, other great options include fruit mostarda, corn on the cob, red pepper or sun-dried tomatoes. Fruits such as pears, pineapple or grapes are also delicious with raclette.

How do you get rid of raclette smell?

In its natural state, raclette’s aroma will be off-putting to all but the most ardent devotees of Limburger. But melt the cheese next to an open flame and the infamous odor disappears.

Is raclette a stinky cheese?

Raclette’s most distinguishing feature is its aroma, which might charitably be described as pungent. (Actually, it smells like something left to rot for a few months in a gym locker filled with dirty sweat clothes.)

How to make a Swiss raclette dinner?

Preheat your broiler.

  • Put the potatoes in a large pot and just cover them with cold water.
  • Add a tablespoon of salt.
  • Drain the potatoes and return them to the pot and put the cover on the pot to keep them warm.
  • Meanwhile,set out your cornichons and other pickled items and your meats on a serving tray.
  • How to make raclette without a grill?

    make classic pan-fried potatoes

  • cover with raclette cheese at the end of cooking while lowering the heat
  • cover with foil and let melt
  • serve with the charcuterie of your choice
  • What can you cook on a raclette Grill?

    – Preheat your raclette grill. Rub the vegetables with oil and season well. Place 2 slices of cheese into each raclette pan. – Cook the vegetables and grill the cheese so they are ready together. Cook more cheese as needed. – Serve with sides and crusty bread, and a light white wine.

    What to serve with raclette?

    – Small boiled potatoes – Sliced vegetables including carrots, peppers, celery, mushrooms and any other favourites – Sliced fresh bread – Meats or seafood