Is Atco cheaper than enmax?

Is ATCO cheaper than ENMAX? ATCO’s prices are dependent on your monthly consumption—whether you have low, mid, or high-use—while ENMAX has consistent prices regardless of monthly consumption. Considering additional transmission, delivery, and admin fees, ENMAX’s rates are only a few dollars less than Atco’s prices.

How do I pay my Atco bill?

Your bill can be paid via online banking, telephone banking, at the bank, automated bank withdrawal, one-time credit card payment, pre-authorized credit card payments or by sending payment through the mail. You can also sign-up for email bill notice by calling 1.844. 687.2826 or emailing [email protected].

Who owns ATCO?

Canadian Utilities
ATCO Electric is owned by Canadian Utilities, which is in turn controlled by ATCO, and its main subsidiaries are: ATCO Electric Yukon. Northland Utilities (50% ownership)…ATCO Electric.

Type Public utility
Owner ATCO
Parent Canadian Utilities
Subsidiaries ATCO Electric Yukon Northland Utilities

Is enmax expensive?

ENMAX’s EasyMax has one fixed rate option and one floating price, and charges about $7.10 per month in administration fees. Customers have the option of switching between floating and fixed rates whenever they wish (maximum one switch per month). EasyMax contracts are for a maximum of five years.

Who bought ATCO Power?

Canadian Utilities Limited, an ATCO company, completed the sale of its entire Canadian fossil fuel-based electricity generation portfolio for, in aggregate, approximately $835 million. The transaction was completed in three stages: a sale of the interest of ATCO Power Canada Ltd.

Who is the best energy provider in Alberta 2021?


  • Encor by EPCOR has a 6.29 cents/kWh option. Rates stable for up to 5 years. $7.00/month admin.
  • EasyMax by Enmax has a 6.29 cents/kWh option. Rates stable for just 1 year. $7.10/month admin.
  • ATCOenergy has recently moved their rates up and now have a 6.79 cents/kWh option. Rates stable for up to 3 years.

Why is my enmax bill so high?

According to energy comparison website, Alberta’s energy prices have increased by 34 per cent between November 2020 and 2021. “One of the reasons that this increase seems so significant is we’re actually coming off of a low period in the market,” the site’s founder Joel MacDonald told Global News.

What does ATCO gas do?

With diverse products and services across many industries, we are a one-stop provider of integrated energy, housing, transportation and infrastructure solutions.

What kind of company is ATCO?

ATCO Ltd., operating as the ATCO Group, is a publicly-traded Canadian engineering, logistics and energy holding company based in Calgary, Alberta….ATCO.

Trade name ATCO Group
Industry Electricity generation and distribution, natural gas, construction, logistics
Founded 1947
Founders S. Don Southern & Ron Southern

Why is my ENMAX bill so high?