Does Yokuda exist?

Basically, according to Sword-Meeting, Yokuda was a massive continent and all that remains of it after its sinking are the islands of seen on the Redguard map, while recent texts point to the islands themselves being Yokuda before the little if anything at all remaining.

Why are they called Redguards?

The name “Redguard” originates from “Ra Gada.” At first, this newcomer race did not open up to the rest of Tamrielic culture. They kept their Yokudan language intact and refused to trade with neighboring societies.

Where did the Redguards come from?

Redguards (formerly “Yokudans”) hail from the western continent of Yokuda, which sank into the sea in ancient times.

Who Sank Yokuda?

The Shehai of a first rank Ansei sank Yokuda.

Do Redguards like the Empire?

Indeed, the terms of the White-Gold Concordat did in fact leave many Redguards feeling very bitter with the Empire, particularly as pertains to the forced cession of Hammerfell. But this does not stop Redguards from fighting on behalf of the Legion and even among the ranks of the Penitus Oculatus.

What race is Redguard?

Redguards, the dark-skinned people of Hammerfell, are a physically powerful race in Tamriel. Combined with their knowledge of all weapon and armor types, they make great warriors or thief-type characters. The Redguards’ Adrenaline Rush ability is similar to the Orcs’ Berserker Rage and Nords’ Battlecry.

What language do Redguards speak?

Yoku is the ancestral language of the Redguards, now mostly a language of rituals and old place names. Much of what we know of the language comes from TESA, where Cyrus has conversations with a Redguard woman called Saban, with her son Coyle working as an interpretor.

Does Aldmer still exist?

They spread all across Tamriel, and slowly changed into different kind of elves all together (Snow Elves from the Aldmer that set on Skyrim, just to name one). Some Aldmer, though, decided to stay in Summerset, where “Altmer” mostly currently resides, maintaining themselves as true to their origin as it gets.

What happened to the yokudan language?

After the Yokudan migration to Hammerfell around 1E 808, the settlers began to assimilate into the larger Tamrielic theater and the language was almost entirely replaced to help stabilize foreign trade. However, certain groups of Yokudans maintained their language and traditions outside of mainstream Redguard society.

What is the native language of Yokuda?

The native language of Yokuda was called Yoku, but after the Yokudan migration to Hammerfell in 1E 808, it was almost entirely replaced to help stabilize foreign trade. In addition to the mainland, Yokuda also encompassed a number of islands within its domain. These included Akos Kasaz, Bahia, Irranhu, Kanesh, Kardesh, Klithi, Samara, and Yath.

What is old Yoku?

Yoku, also known as Old Yoku, Old Yokudan, and Old Redguard, was the language of the ancient peoples of the continent of Yokuda. Yokudan contact with the natives of Tamriel such as Nedes, Bretons and Colovians led to their complete assimilation and integration due to the need for foreign commerce and the ratification of treaties.

Is Yoku still spoken in Japan?

By the late Third Era, the language was still spoken, albeit rarely. There is a regional variant of Yoku known as the Banthan dialect. It derives from the eponymous region of Bantha. Yoku has 48 different versions of the word “honor”, which all trace their roots to ugak-ta.