Can you convert data types in Python?

Type Conversion is the conversion of object from one data type to another data type. Implicit Type Conversion is automatically performed by the Python interpreter. Python avoids the loss of data in Implicit Type Conversion.

What are the standard data types in Python?

Python has six standard Data Types:-

  • Numeric.
  • String.
  • List.
  • Tuple.
  • Set.
  • Dictionary.

What is standard data type?

Standard data types of Python include numeric data types, sequence types and dictionary which is a collection of key-value pairs. Objects of numeric data types are either integers, floats or complex numbers.

What are the 7 data types in Python?

Built-in Data Types in Python

  • Binary Types: memoryview, bytearray, bytes.
  • Boolean Type: bool.
  • Set Types: frozenset, set.
  • Mapping Type: dict.
  • Sequence Types: range, tuple, list.
  • Numeric Types: complex, float, int.
  • Text Type: str.

What is data conversion in Python?

A Python data type conversion method is called a conversion of type. We can convert objects of string type to a numeric value, convert them to various container types, etc. Python primarily provides two types of conversion methods: implicit conversion type and explicit conversion type.

What are the five standard data types?

Common data types include:

  • Integer.
  • Floating-point number.
  • Character.
  • String.
  • Boolean.

How do you categorize standard type in Python?

The first way we can categorize the types is by how many objects can be stored in an object of this type. Python’s types, as well as types from most other languages, can hold either single or multiple values.

Is list a standard data type?

Lists are the most versatile of Python’s compound data types. A list contains items separated by commas and enclosed within square brackets ([]). To some extent, lists are similar to arrays in C. One difference between them is that all the items belonging to a list can be of different data type.

What is data type conversion explain its types?

In computer science, type conversion or typecasting refers to changing an entity of one datatype into another. There are two types of conversion: implicit and explicit. The term for implicit type conversion is coercion. Explicit type conversion in some specific way is known as casting.

What are the three types of data in Python?

– Integers – This value is represented by int class. It contains positive or negative whole numbers (without fraction or decimal). – Float – This value is represented by float class. It is a real number with floating point representation. – Complex Numbers – Complex number is represented by complex class. It is specified as (real part) + (imaginary part)j.

Which data type is the smallest in Python?

first : take the first occurrence.

  • last : take the last occurrence.
  • all : do not drop any duplicates,even it means selecting more than n items.
  • How to convert file data into objects in Python?


  • Integers,
  • Floats,
  • Complex numbers,
  • (normal and Unicode) Strings,
  • Tuples,
  • Lists,
  • Sets,and
  • Dictionaries that ontain picklable objects.
  • How to convert categorical data to numerical data in Python?

    – This is mostly used in Statistics. – Numerical Operation like Addition, Subtraction etc. on this type of Data is not possible. – All the values of Categorical Data are in Categories. – It usually uses the Array Data Structure.