Why Kerui Petroleum & Gas?

Taking the full advantages of equipment, technology, services, talents and platforms, and multi-field business models development, KERUI Petroleum & Gas is upgrading from solutions providing to a win-win eco-industrial chain.

How many customers does co-operating with Kerui have?

Cooperating with 3900+ suppliers and partners in the world, providing high quality services and practical products to over 8000 customers in more than 80 countries across the world. KERUI Petroleum Gass first 1200N… Recently, a 750HP desert drillin… Recently, a total of more than 1… Recently, KERUI Petroleum Gas su…

How much was the order signed between Kerui and K&K?

120 million dollars and 6 sets of 1500HP drilling machines order signed between Kerui and K… Recently, the first reciprocatin… Kerui Petroleum is a well-known