When should I use pollen patties?

Pollen is used to feed larvae. Therefore you only need to supply pollen to your bees when they are producing brood. Spring time, after nectar starts flowing, is a good time to add pollen patties. Pollen is not needed as much as honey, pollen is also more prevalent then nectar.

How long does a pollen patty last?

“The shelf life of the patties is 6 months in the dry,cool place after that the pattie loses the protein level. You can store it in the freezer for a longer period but when you defrost the pattie is going to be very soft.”

Do you feed pollen patties in the fall?

The reason we as beekeepers should NOT feed pollen patties in the fall, going into winter is because the queen will continue to lay eggs as long as she perceives that pollen is still coming in. It is vital that the queen stops laying or slows down dramatically, as I will explain shortly.

What can you do with pollen patties?

Pollen patties have a stiff and thick texture and are formulated to be placed on top of the frames in the hive. This substance is used for feeding the larvae since all other life stages of the bee do not consume pollen. For instance, the pupa and egg do not eat at all and the adult bees feed on honey.

Do pollen patties need to be refrigerated?

Pollen patties should be kept in a cool and dry place. You do not have to refrigerate it but you can freeze and keep it for later use.

What is the best pollen substitute for bees?


Brand Package Size Feed Type
Mann Lake FD213 Ultra Bee Dry Feed Canister 1 Pound Dry
Mann Lake FD357 Bee Pro Patties with Pro Health 10 Pounds Patty
Bountiful Bee’s Brood Booster and Feeding Stimulant by Bee Healthy 16, 32, 128 Ounces Liquid
HiveALive Bee Feed 100 mL Liquid

Should pollen patties be refrigerated?

Do pollen patties attract hive beetles?

If you give pollen patties to your bees in winter, you risk them defecating in the hive, which can kill the colony. Conversely, undertake summer feedings with caution as pollen patties attract hive beetles, which are unwelcome guests in your hive.

Do you feed pollen patties in winter?

For instance, the end of winter marks the beginning of brood production in bees and this should be a good time to supply them pollen patties. The feeding should continue until natural sources of pollen and nectar are sufficient for the bees.

How do you make artificial pollen for bees?

Take some vitamin C tablets and crush into a powder. Add one teaspoon of crushed vitamin C for every six cups of mix. Thoroughly combine the ingredients. In the winter, the dry mix can sprinkled on the top bars or put in a feeder above the brood box.

What are pollen patties and why feed them?

Pollen patties are stiff and thick and are designed to lay across the top of the frames inside the hive, directly above the brood nest, so that they are immediately accessible to the bees, even in frigid temperatures. Why feed bees pollen patties? This is a nice frame of capped brood, soon the young bees will emerge and be ready to get to work.

Can You Make your own pollen substitute?

They can be purchased ready-to-use, can be made at home from a purchased mix, or can be made at home from scratch using a variety of recipes. The thing to understand about pollen or pollen substitute is that it is used to feed larvae.

Where do bees get their pollen?

Pollen from trees is some of the first food sources available to bees early in the spring, and bees can even be seen bringing pollen in well into October. Bees need both pollen and honey in order to reproduce.

Should I give my bees pollen?

Even so, there will be times when supplementing your bees with pollen is advantageous. Local weather and climate will have an impact on pollen supplies, as will the selection of local plants, the types of bees, the size of the colony, and many other factors. So by all means, if your colony needs pollen, give it to them.