What is scaffold tagging?

Scaffolding Tagging Scaffold tags are used to protect the lives of your workers. It identifies if a scaffold is safe or unsafe for use.

What are the types of scaffolding tags?

There are 3 color tags used in scaffolding green, red and yellow.

  • Green Scaffolding Tags.
  • Yellow Scaffolding Tags.
  • Red Scaffolding Tags.

What are the 3 colors of tags associated with scaffolds and what does each mean for you the user of the scaffold?

A green “OK” tag is to be attached to scaffold at each access point after the initial inspection. YELLOW Yellow “CAUTION” tags should replace all green “OK” tags whenever the scaffold has been modified to meet work requirements, and as a result could present a hazard to the user.

Does a scaffold need to be tagged?

Must I use a tag system on a scaffold? A. Although tag systems are not a legal requirement, the law does require inspection of scaffolding from which a person might fall 2 metres or more and the issue of a report by a competent person, on completion and at least weekly thereafter.

How long does a scaffold tag last?

A CISRS SITS (Scaffold Inspection Training Scheme) qualification will remain valid for a 5-year period.

What does a yellow scaffold tag mean?

Yellow – “CAUTION” tag(s), will replace all green “Safe Scaffold” tag(s) whenever the scaffold has been modified to meet work requirements, and as a result could present a hazard to the user. This tag indicates special requirements for safe use.

What does green scaffold tag mean?

are safe for use
Green – tags will be hung on scaffolds that have been inspected and are safe for use. A green “SAFE FOR USE” tag(s), and should be attached to the scaffold at each access point after the initial inspection is complete.

What does a green scaffold tag mean?

Tags provide data The inserts are green which can often make people think “green is for go”. These green tags actually contain far more data than many people realize. They include details regarding limitations, restrictions, and any other safety information relating to that particular scaffold.

What does a yellow tag on a scaffold mean?

Is it illegal to alter scaffolding?

Scaffolding should only be altered by scaffolders Act 1974 states that no person shall “intentionally or recklessly interfere with or misuse anything provided in the interests of health, safety or welfare in pursuance of any of the relevant statutory provisions.”

What is a scaffold tag?

4. What is Scaff tag? Scaff tag: a specific card holder and card, that, when fixed to a scaffold, identifies the status of the scaffold, details with respect to its use and inspection details. 5. Why Use a Scaffold Tagging System? 2 1 3

What size inspection tags do I need for scaffolding?

15 mil matte vinyl scaffolding inspection tags with brass grommets and 6″ nylon ties are easy to attach. For indoor/outdoor projects for up to 2 -3 years.

How long do scaffolding green tags last?

15 mil matte vinyl scaffolding green tags with brass grommet and 6″ nylon ties make for easy attachment. They are able to handle indoor/outdoor labor intensive projects for 2 -3 years. Great, fast experience.

What do the different colored scaffold markings mean?

Red marks an unsafe condition, and green marks it safe to use. Yellow means the scaffold does not meet all the requirements, or notifies workers if it requires special equipment. • Use a clear pouch to protect against the elements, or try a self-laminating tag to seal in your writing on-site.