What do the Colours mean on FPL?

Colour coding is used to help portray the FDR value, with green depicting a low-difficulty fixture and red the highest. The ratings are reviewed after each Gameweek, although major changes will not be applied immediately until home and away form for each team is more established.

What does yellow mean in FPL?

For every 2 goals conceded by a goalkeeper or defender. -1. For each yellow card. -1. For each red card.

What high school did Saka go to?

Greenford High SchoolBukayo Saka / EducationGreenford High School is a mixed 11-19 secondary school with a comprehensive intake located in the London Borough of Ealing. Wikipedia

Who does Bukayo Saka play for?

England national football team#25 / Forward
Arsenal F.C.#7 / Forward, MidfielderEngland national under-21 football teamForward
Bukayo Saka/Current teams

What does red and green mean in fantasy football?

These are predictions to help set your expectations against your current matchup, but has no impact over the actual gameplay. Green text – Easy matchup. Gray text – Mild matchup. Red text – Difficult matchup.

What does the purple star mean in fantasy football?

Player Values In fact, the most valuable players in a certain week are usually highlighted with a purple star beside their names and jerseys. Managers who own the player in a particular week will then have the opportunity to get profit if they choose to sell him the following week.

What nationality is Bukayo Saka?

Bukayo Saka/Nationality

Did Saka go to Greenford High?

Saka was born in Ealing, Greater London to Nigerian parents and attended Edward Betham Church of England Primary School before Greenford High School, where he gained high grades in his GCSEs, achieving four A*s and three As. Prior to joining Arsenal, Saka played youth football for local club Greenford Celtic.

What makes Bukayo Saka so good?

One of Saka’s greatest strengths is his awareness; he is adept at making split-second decisions based on constantly scanning his surroundings and what he sees opponents do in his peripheral vision. The combination of that and his acceleration can be deadly. Defensively, Saka still has much to work on.

What does OPP RK mean in fantasy football?

Opponent Rank
PROJ. Projection is ESPN’s projected fantasy score for a player’s upcoming game. OPRK. Opponent Rank shows how a player’s upcoming NFL opponent performs against that player’s position.