Is Emfuleni Municipality under administration?

The municipality was put under administration in 2018 following a R1-million irregular expenditure bill. It also owes Eskom R2. 7-billion. Maile says the Emfuleni Local Municipality has reached a payment agreement with Rand Water – one of the municipality’s largest creditors.

Which areas fall under Emfuleni Municipality?

Emfuleni Local Municipality (GT421)

  • MDB code: GT421.
  • Description: The Emfuleni Local Municipality is a Category B municipality situated in the Sedibeng District in the Gauteng Province.
  • Area: 966km²
  • Cities/Towns: Evaton, Sebokeng, Vaal Oewer, Vanderbijlpark, Vereeniging.

Who is Emfuleni Municipality manager?

Emfuleni municipal manager Lucky Leseane.

What are municipality by laws?

By-laws are laws that are adopted by the council of a municipality to regulate the affairs and the services within the jurisdiction of the municipality.

What is the ward number of Emfuleni Municipality?

Emfuleni Local Municipality

Province Gauteng
District Sedibeng
Seat Vanderbijlpark
Wards 45

What is Ward Number Emfuleni?

Emfuleni Ward 2 (74201002)

How do you pay Emfuleni?

How to pay for your services

  1. First National Bank (FNB) “Over the counter” payments could be made at any First National Bank branch country wide.
  2. Internet. Internet payments directly into the bank account of Emfuleni Local Municipality by referring to the municipal account number.
  3. EasyPay.
  4. Stop order.
  5. Location of Pay Points.

How do I pay Emfuleni Municipality?

The municipality hereby urges all consumers to pay their rates and services directly into the new ELM FNB Primary Bank Account. Customers are advised to reference the 8-digit municipal account numbers starting with 1 and 2 when making payments.

How do I contact Emfuleni Municipality?

Emfuleni Local Municipality

  2. Facebook:
  3. Twitter:
  4. PO Box 3, VANDERBIJLPARK, 1900.
  5. cnr Klasie Havenga and Frikkie Meyer Boulevard, VANDERBIJLPARK.
  6. 016 950 5000.
  7. 016 950 5050.
  8. Provincial and Local Government Directory: Gauteng Municipalities.

Is municipality and municipal corporation same?

Answer: Municipal corporations are established for the administration of big cities like Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai, etc whereas municipalities are established for the administration of towns and smaller cities.