Can kids watch Drillbit Taylor?

With a PG-13 rating and a focus on high school bullies, the adult humor and language are dialed down a few notches here (there are a couple of bare-butt shots of Drillbit showering, as well as words like “s–t” and “bitch”) and replaced with relentless, violent bullying behavior.

Why was Drillbit Taylor discharged?

After interviewing a number of candidates, the boys decide upon Drillbit Taylor (Owen Wilson), an ex-army ranger who tells the boys that he was discharged from the army for ‘unauthorised terrorism’.

Was Drillbit Taylor actually in the army?

Drillbit confesses that his real name is Bob and he went AWOL from the U.S. Army and his name was Drillbit because he hurt his pinky finger in high school with a drillbit.

Who plays the bully in Drillbit Taylor?

Alex Frost
For three misfit freshmen, the first day of high school becomes a living hell when Filkins (Alex Frost), the school bully, zeroes in on them.

What is Drillbit Taylor rated?

PG-13Drillbit Taylor / MPAA rating

Does Owen Wilson shower?

Yes, Owen looks busy while publicly seeing to his personal hygiene but he’s really just on the set of his latest movie called Drillbit Taylor in Malibu. And contrary to popular belief, this is not his behind. He opted to call in a body double when it came time for a scene where he had to shower naked in public.

Where was Drillbit Taylor filmed?

At University High in Los Angeles, interiors and exteriors were painted, floor tiles replaced, landscaping overhauled and classes and lockers moved for “Drillbit Taylor.” The school earned $90,000 for the 2008 comedy starring Owen Wilson. But allowing film crews on campus is not all glitz and glam.

What does a drill bit do?

Drill bits are designed to drill holes in a variety of different common materials. These include different types of wood, metal, plastic, ceramic tile, porcelain and concrete.

How much did Owen Wilson get paid for wedding crashers?

Film Salaries Owen earned a career-high $15 million for the movie Little Fockers. He also earned a salary of $10 million in both Wedding Crashers and Starsky & Hutch. During his career, Wilson has earned a total of around $90 million from film roles alone – before taxes, managerial fees, and other costs (as of 2020).