What is the site code for Imagine math?

Your Site Code is usually the first seven digits of your school or district’s NCES number (see About Site Codes for more information). If you can’t find your school’s NCES number, or if the NCES number listed seems incorrect, contact Imagine Learning Customer Care for help.

How many lessons are in an Imagine Math pathway?

We recommend using one of Imagine Math’s pre-built domain-specific pathways. These pathways were built exactly for this purpose. Targeted intervention pathways should be limited to no more than 10–12 lessons.

Can you change the language on Imagine math?

Log in to the Math Suite. Click Management > Students in the navigation pane. In the Support Language drop-down list, choose Spanish. Click Save.

How do students log into imagine math?

Go to math.imaginelearning.com in a supported web browser. Under the Students section, use the device camera to scan the QR code. Enter the student’s Username, Password, and Site Code. If the student has access to more than one Imagine Math product, select the product you want the student to use.

Can you hack Imagine Math?

Students are able to alter or “hack” a web page by editing what is called the Markup, or code. Students can do this on any modern web browser that we support without much technical experience, and unfortunately Imagine Math is unable to prevent this due to that it is client side edits.

How do I skip lessons Imagine Math?

All students are prompted to begin with a Pre Quiz for their upcoming lesson. The default setting in Imagine Math is to allow students who score 80% or higher, the option to skip the lesson. That lesson will then be marked as ‘passed’ and the student advances to the next lesson’s pre-quiz.

What is a 250 on Imagine Math?

250 THINK Points + Points Earned for Correct Answers If a student passes a lesson’s Pre-Quiz on the 3rd attempt, they will receive a total of 250 bonus THINK Points plus the number of THINK Points earned for each correct answer.

Is Imagine Math free?

Visit www.imaginelearning.com/familyhub for free resources in both English and Spanish for learning math at home. As your student uses Imagine Math Facts throughout the school year, ask them to share with you what they’re learning and which in-game challenges they’ve completed.

Does imagine learning math?

Imagine Learning is a Utah-based company that delivers award-winning language, literacy, and mathematics solutions for K–12 students, revolutionizing the way kids learn.