What happened in episode 10 of Mr Queen?

We begin episode 10 of Mr Queen with the King calling out for Hwa-Jin while stuck in the well. Eventually Bong-Hwan saves him from his ill-fate and brings Cheoljong back to the Queen’s room. Bong-Hwan shrugs off the apparent insult and decides to embrace being Hwa-Jin for now to comfort the King.

Did Mr Queen sleep with the King?

Only, when he begins his story he suddenly runs away, confronting Hong and eventually learning that he did, in fact, sleep with the King. Bong-Hwan is beside himself with shock, running away and wondering just why he doesn’t feel dirty or bad about what happened.

What happens to oh WOL in Mr Queen?

O-Wol walks through the palace but unfortunately straight into the path of Sal-Soo, the scarred eunuch who abducted her. He stabs O-Wol in the stomach as she collapses on the ground in a heap.

Who is the enemy in Mr Queen?

Who is the real antagonist? Queen Sunwon, the late King Sunjo’s wife, owns the true power of the country. She allows King Cheoljong to return from his exile in Ganghwa Island, so she can rule the country using his title as king.

Did Mr Queen get pregnant?

Everyone including Cheoljong in the palace is happy to hear about the Queen’s pregnancy, but So Yong is not happy about it. Meanwhile, a fierce rumor also starts to spread with the news of the Queen’s pregnancy. Cheoljong leaves the palace to protect So Yong.

In what episode does the queen get pregnant in Mr Queen?

Queen Ep. 16 – Mr. Queen Is Pregnant | Facebook.

Did Mr. Queen get pregnant?

Is Mr. Queen a happy ending?

However, “Mr. Queen” doesn’t care about realism. This show wasn’t perfect, but it gave us a somewhat happier ending, where even male-chefs-turned-female-royalty can reverse the course of history without undue bloodshed.

Do they fall in love in Mr. Queen?

We see our protagonist go through so much for nineteen episodes, as Bong-hwan becomes So-bong, struggling to escape but then finally accepting their new life as a queen, falling in love with Cheoljong and becoming a true ruler by his side, joining him in rooting out corruption in the court and forming deep and …

What episode does Queen get pregnant?

Ep. 16
Queen Ep. 16 – Mr. Queen Is Pregnant | Facebook.

Does Mr Queen have a happy ending?

The King finally wins, splitting Jwa-Geun’s blade and slicing his crown right from atop his head. He refuses to give Jwa-Geun the pleasure of death though, instead forcing the minister to live in humiliation at his failed plot. And if that wasn’t decisive enough, Sal-Soo is killed.

Is Mr Queen a happy ending?