Does military use Holosun?

Product Info. The Holosun Tactical Red Dot Sight is a military grade sight that can be switched between a 2 MOA dot to a 65 MOA circle dot with the push of a button for fast target acquisition in a variety of different combat situations.

How good are Holosun optics?

5.0 out of 5 stars The price was right. The Holosun red dot is a great alternative to some of the more pricey micro red dots out there. The dot itself is super visible and it has multiple brightness settings. The angled front lens looks weird but it really does reduce some of the glare.

Are Holosun optics made in USA?

Holosun is made in china.

How long does Holosun 507c battery last?

Additional features include Holosun’s Super LED with up to 50k hours battery life, Solar Failsafe, Multi-Reticle System, and Shake Awake. The HS507C X2 is an open reflex optical sight designed for pistol applications.

Is Holosun a Chinese company?

By sourcing directly from the manufacturer in China, importation issues from the USA were eliminated. Holosun Technologies Inc. continues to have a corporate presence in California. The company is Rua Foireann Inc.

What mounts do Holosun use?

The Holosun red dot uses Aimpoint micro pattern mounts. T1/H1 so any previous Mount will work.

What company makes Holosun?

The company is Rua Foireann Inc. DBA What does this name mean? Rua Foireann is Gaelic for Red Team.

Who is Holosun owned by?

What are the specifications for holosun military grade micro hs515cm?

Specifications for Holosun Military Grade Micro HS515CM: Color: Black Fabric/Material: Hard Anodized Magnification: 1 x Reticle: 65 MOA Circle Dot Illumination Type: LED

Is the 515c microdot any good?

This 515c microdot comes with a quick-detach mounting system. The optic is just as good as my 403c unit regarding the quality and appearance. The QD mount takes 2 stars off this product since it’s offered as a package. I mounted the QD, and realized it’s not snug.

What is the battery life of hs515c red dot sight?

PARALOW HS515C is new small compact a red dot sight with the option of dot only or dot with circle reticle pattern. Employing new LED technology, the life time for one CR2032 battery life is about 20000 hrs at Circle Dot reticle and about 50000 hrs at dot reticle.