Why my Excel Cannot VLOOKUP not working?

Solution: If you are sure the relevant data exists in your spreadsheet and VLOOKUP is not catching it, take time to verify that the referenced cells don’t have hidden spaces or non-printing characters. Also, ensure that the cells follow the correct data type.

How does the offset function work in Excel?

The OFFSET function is one of the built-in functions in Microsoft Excel. Its purpose is to return a range that is a specified number of rows and columns from a reference cell or range. The range that the OFFSET function returns can be a single cell or a range of multiple adjacent cells.

How to do reverse VLOOKUP in Excel?

– We will use a combination of VLOOKUP & Choose functions together to get the result – In cell G2the formula is – =VLOOKUP (F2,CHOOSE ( {1,2},C2:C13,B2:B13),2,FALSE) – Press Enter on your keyboard

How to fix your VLOOKUP in Excel?

The lookup_value does not exist in the lookup column. Did you have a typo?

  • Leading or trailing spaces in your lookup_value data.
  • The format of the lookup_value is not the same as the data.
  • Special characters in the lookup_value or data.
  • You’re not using the first column as the lookup column.
  • range_lookup not working as expected.
  • How do I use the VLOOKUP function in Excel?

    Select cell E2 by clicking on it.

  • Assign the formula =IF (ISNA (VLOOKUP (D2,A2:B6,2,FALSE)),”Name not found”,VLOOKUP (D2,A2:B6,2,FALSE)) to cell E2.
  • Press enter to apply the formula to cell E2.
  • How to use the Offset function in Excel?

    OFFSET function can be used within any other Excel function which accepts a cell or range reference in its arguments. For example, if we are using the formula = OFFSET (A1, 3, 1, 1, 3) on its own, it will give a #VALUE! Error, since a range of return (1 row, 3 columns) does not fit in a cell.