What year is OMD electricity?

1980Electricity / Released

Was OMD on Factory Records?

Following OMD’s release of “Electricity” on Factory Records, the band were offered a recording contract with Dindisc, who twice re-issued the single….Electricity (Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark song)

Label Factory – FAC 6 (1st release) Dindisc (2nd & 3rd releases) Virgin EMI (2019 re-release)
Songwriter(s) Paul Humphreys Andy McCluskey

What happened to Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark?

The group returned with a new line-up and explored the dance-pop genre: Sugar Tax (1991) and its initial singles were hits in Europe. By the mid-1990s, however, electronic music had been supplanted by alternative rock, and both OMD and the Listening Pool disbanded in 1996.

What album is electricity on?

Dua Lipa: Complete EditionElectricity / Album

When did Paul Humphreys leave OMD?

Humphreys left OMD in 1989, but continued to pen songs for the band. He co-wrote the 1993 single “Everyday” (from Liberator), and was the main writer of two tracks from Universal (1996): “Very Close to Far Away” and “If You’re Still in Love with Me”.

Who made the song electricity?

Dua Lipa
Silk City

What drum machine did OMD use?

Roland CR-78
Winston played a key role in the band’s signature synthy-winthy sound, while their Roland CR-78 drum machine, from 1979, provided the distinctive rhythm-pattern heard throughout the 1980 single Enola Gay, written by Andy McCluskey. The first synthesizer owned by OMD will also be displayed.

What keyboards did OMD use?

Paul Humphreys can be seen using a Korg MS-20 in OMD’s music video for Enola Gay.

When did the original electricity by Orchestral Manoeuvres in the dark come out?

Originally released in May 1979, ‘Electricity’ was Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark’s debut single. To celebrate the single’s 40th anniversary, this new limited edition version will be pressed on ultra-clear vinyl and contains the original Factory Records version of ‘Electricity’, as well as a brand new remix of ‘Almost’ by Vince Clarke.

What is the name of the OMD classic single?

“OMD to Release Special Limited Edition Version of Their Classic Single, ‘Electricity ‘ “. uDiscover Music. Retrieved 30 August 2019. ^ a b “Official Vinyl Singles Chart Top 40: 04 October 2019–10 October 2019”. Official Charts Company. Retrieved 7 October 2019. ^ Taylor, Steve (February 1981).

Who was the original singer of electricity?

The track is a holdover from defunct Wirral group the Id, who were led by McCluskey and Humphreys. Following OMD’s release of “Electricity” on Factory Records, the band were offered a recording contract with Dindisc, who twice re-issued the single. An October 2019 re-release, through Virgin EMI, topped the UK Vinyl Singles Chart .

What’s new with OMD in 2019?

Both tracks have been remastered by Miles Showell at Abbey Road and the sleeve is an adaptation of the original Peter Saville design. As uDiscover Music previously reported, 2019 marks OMD’s 40th anniversary and will be celebrated with a career box set and brand new greatest hits collection, both entitled Souvenir, on 4 October.