What happened in the Eccles mine accident?

About 2:30 p.m. on April 28, 1914, a series of massive explosions ripped through the mine. A later investigation indicated that the flame of a carbide lamp had touched off a pocket of coal gas, which in turn ignited other pockets.

What caused the 1919 Kimball mine accident?

A rescue party was able to dig through the wreckage allowing 215 to return alive to the surface….1919 Kimball mining disaster.

Date July 18, 1919
Location Carswell coal mine in Kimball, West Virginia which was owned by the Tazewell Creek Coal company
Cause Coal Mine explosion
6 dead

What happened in the Benwood mine accident?

The Benwood Mine Disaster was a coal mine explosion that occurred on Monday, April 28, 1924, at the Benwood Mine of the former Wheeling Steel Corporation steel mill located in the city of Benwood in Marshall County, West Virginia. The explosion claimed the lives of 119 coal miners. There were no survivors.

Where is Eccles mine?

EcclesEccles mine disaster / Location

Who died in the Westray Mine disaster?

The names and ages of the 26 miners who were killed in the Westray coal mine disaster: John Thomas Bates, 56. Larry Arthur Bell, 25. Bennie Joseph Benoit, 42.

Is the Sago Mine still open?

The Sago Mine, where 12 miners died in West Virginia’s worst coal mining accident in four decades, will be closed permanently early next year, its owner said Friday.

How many miners died mine 9?

Seventy-eight miners
On November 20, 1968, a catastrophic explosion rocked the Consol No. 9 coal mine outside of Farmington, West Virginia. Seventy-eight miners perished in that accident.

What happened at the Robena mine in 1962?

Two gas and coal dust explosions, the first at about 1:05 p.m. and the second at about 1:25 p.m., occurred on Thursday, December 6, 1962, in the 4 mains right area of Robena No.3 mine, United States Steel Corporation, Coal Division, Frick District, Carmichaels, Greene County, Pennsylvania.

How deep are the mines in Robena?

The point where the accident occurred is about 2 miles from the shaft at a depth of 650 feet. Approximately 1,200 are employed at the mines. Robena has produced as much as 20,000 tons of coal a day — enough to heat more than 2,000 homes for an entire winter.

What caused the 2nd explosion of the mine?

The second explosion originated somewhere in 8 left section when gas and/or dust was ignited by residual fires or by an electric arc, since the main fan had been restarted and the mine power system had been reenergized soon after the first explosion. Coal dust assisted in the propagation of both explosions.

What happened in the frosty Run mine?

Carmichaels, Pa. (UPI) — Weary rescue workers battled against time today in an effort to reach 37 men trapped 680 feet below the earth’s surface by an explosion in the Frosty Run shaft of a U.S. Steel Corp. coal mine. Rescuers pushed to within 5,500 feet of an area where the men were believed trapped.