What does DLA Troop Support do?

About DLA Troop Support It is responsible for four supply chains which provide our nation’s military and government partners with: food and feeding equipment; clothing and textile items; construction and equipment materiel ranging from lightbulbs to bulldozers; and medical materiel and pharmaceuticals.

What agency is designated the executive agent for construction?

The Secretary of Defense designated DLA as the Defense Department Executive Agent for construction and barriers, making C&E the single DOD point of contact for that support.

What is Defense supply chain?

As the nation’s combat logistics support agency, the Defense Logistics Agency manages the end-to-end global defense supply chain – from raw materials to end user disposition – for the five military services, 11 combatant commands, other federal, state and local agencies and partner and allied nations.

What DLA command provides subsistence and fuel?

DLA Energy, Fort Belvoir, Virginia Manages the supply chain for petroleum and lubrication products, alternative fuel/renewable energy, aerospace energy; provides fuel quality/technical support, fuel card programs and installation energy services.

What is considered Milcon?

DoD’s military construction (or “MilCon”) program includes all work necessary to produce complete and usable facilities; or to complete usable improvements to existing facilities, in support of DoD Components.

How long is DLA awarded for?

How long will my child be awarded DLA for? DLA awards are sometimes made for an indefinite period, but a child’s award is usually made for a fixed period, for example three years. Towards the end of that time the DWP/SSA will normally write inviting you to reapply for DLA and sending you a new claim form to complete.

Do you get dislocation allowance when separating?

May a Service member receive a dislocation allowance payment upon separation or retirement from the Service? No, a Service member may not receive a dislocation allowance when performing a PCS from the last PDS to the home of record or home of selection.