How much does it cost to build a cabin in Oregon?

Building a cabin typically ranges from $125 to $175 per square foot but could run as low as $100 per square foot and as high as $300 per square foot.

How long do log cabin homes last?

Log cabins have a long and illustrious history of longevity. They usually last twenty, thirty to even fifty years, if they are kept in good condition. They are even seen to stand for a century if they are located in a place that does not face extreme weather conditions and is properly maintained.

What’s the R value of a log cabin?

between 1.41 per inch
In a solid log wall, the logs provide both structure and insulation. The R-value for wood ranges between 1.41 per inch (2.54 cm) for most softwoods and 0.71 for most hardwoods.

Do log cabins get termites?

Even though log cabins tend to be more termite resistant than stick frame homes, you still don’t want to create an inviting environment for them on your property.

What is a log cabin?

The Log Cabin has long been a hallmark of the American Frontier. In today’s society, a Log Home represents a private retreat where one can commune with nature. It’s a getting back to the basics, while enjoying the great outdoors.

When did precisioncraft start building homes in Oregon?

Oregon log and timber homes PrecisionCraft has been building custom log and timber homes for clients in Oregon since 1990. Whether you plan to build amongst the beauty of the Cascades, in a popular vacation home area like Bend or along the scenic coast, Our talented, our in-house design team is ready to create a home to fit your unique needs.

Where is Bend Oregon?

See more options from these partners Situated at the heart of the state of Oregon, Bend is a quaint city found at the end of Cascade Range, sitting along the Deschutes River. It combines the best of Portland’s hip culture and Eugene’s outdoor adventures.

Where are the best timber frame homes in Oregon?

Located near Ashland, this southern Oregon custom timber frame home is just minutes away from recreational havens, Bear Creek and Rouge Valley. Rich with character, this project is located outside of growing Bend, Oregon. Our clients were able to bring their own personal flair to this popular Blue Ridge design.