How many times are CPA exams held each year?

The Exam is offered four times each year: January 1 – March 10, April 1 – June 10, July 1 – September 10 and October 1 – December 10.

How do I schedule a CPA Exam in Illinois?

Once you have paid your exam fees, you will receive a notice to schedule (NTS) and must schedule your exam within six months. Schedule with the exam on the Prometric website. Take all four sections of the CPA exam. Take the AICPA Ethics Exam, which is required in the state of Illinois.

When did the CPA Exam start?

The CPA exam was developed as a test that the precursor organization to the AICPA used as an admissions requirement for membership. The organization now known as the AICPA started offering the exam to state accounting boards around the country for use in general licensure in 1917.

How long should you study for the CPA exam?

between 300-400 hours
The AICPA recommends that candidates spend between 300-400 hours to study for the entire exam CPA exam. Because we all learn differently, some sections will require more study hours than others due to the volume of material included in a section and how quickly one is able to grasp and retain the study material.

Is the CPA exam on paper or computer?

The CPA Exam is a 16-hour, computer-based test comprised of four sections: Auditing and Attestation (AUD) Business Environment and Concepts (BEC)

Is the CPA Exam multiple choice?

All four sections of the Uniform CPA Examination contain multiple-choice questions. The AUD, FAR and REG sections have an additional portion for task-based simulation (TBS) questions; the BEC section has a portion for written communication questions, but no TBS questions.

What are the exam dates for the CPA exam?

CPA Exam Testing Dates. Testing Windows. Blackout Dates. January 1 – March 10. March 11 – 31. April 1 – June 30. None (Continuous Testing) July 1 – December 31. None (Continuous Testing)

When are the AICPA Exam scores released?

The AICPA typically announces the score release dates for the first half of a new year in December of the previous year and the second half by June of that year. Keep in mind, the target score release date represents when the AICPA will send the scores to NASBA.

What is the Illinois CPA exam completion?

Illinois is classified as a two-tier state. This means that the Illinois Certificate of CPA Exam Completion is issued upon successful completion of the CPA examination and “Professional Ethics: The AICPA’s Comprehensive Course”. And the license is issued by the IDFPR upon successful completion of their requirements.

Why is the CPA exam schedule so confusing?

The CPA exam schedule is pretty confusing because there are so many different testing windows, exam dates, blackout months, and other oddities. Additionally, recent global events have made the situation even more confusing with numerous cancellations and rescheduling for seemingly every event.