Why does my discharge smell like spicy?

If your vaginal odor is giving off a slightly spicy gingerbread smell, your normal bacteria may change a bit, affecting your pH balance and therefore your aroma. Bleach, like a clean kitchen sink. A chemically vaginal odor could be attributed to some urine on the underwear or around the vulva.

Why does my discharge have a coppery smell?

Metallic, like a jar of pennies. A metallic vaginal odor could be due to blood from menstruation or light bleeding after sex traveling through your vaginal canal. Blood contains iron, which explains the smell of metal. It could also be from coming in contact with semen, which can affect your vagina’s pH balance.

Why does my discharge smell like fart?

Another reason for the odor can be an infection in your vagina called bacterial vaginosis, or “BV.” BV typically occurs in women (both lesbian and straight) who are sexually active but it can also occur in women who are not sexually-active.

Can smell my discharge through my pants?

Bacterial vaginosis is a condition that commonly affects women of childbearing age and occurs due to an overgrowth of bacteria. Symptoms include: unusual or excessive gray or white vaginal discharge. strong odor that may be described as “fishy”

Is it normal for discharge to have a bad smell?

Normal discharge presents no odor and has a light color. Thickness levels may vary depending on the time of the month and the hormonal levels of each woman. However when the discharge looks yellow, green or brown or has a bad smell it is an indication that something is not right. Bad odor in discharge due to vaginal infections

What is an example of a smelly discharge?

Examples include mucus, pus, or blood. Wounds that have become infected with bacteria may produce smelly discharge. The skin contains two types of sweat gland: eccrine and apocrine. The body has more eccrine glands, and their discharge does not smell.

Why does my vaginal discharge smell bad?

Curry and heavily spiced foods can lead to vaginal discharge or sweat with a distinct smell too. If your diet is to blame, the smell should return to normal within the next 48 hours.

What does it mean when your discharge is clear?

Healthy vaginal discharge is usually clear or white and does not have a strong odor. Changes in the color, odor, or consistency of vaginal discharge can sometimes indicate a problem. Some changes that may point to a health issue include: an increased quantity of discharge