Who is on the cover of DC4?

The cover of his album is a portrait of the teenage Mill posing for a mugshot recreated out of his actual court documents. DC4 has 14 tracks and has features from Nicki Minaj, Tory Lanez, Tracy T, Lil Uzi Vert, French Montana, 21 Savage, Lil Snupe and Quavo of Migos.

Who is DC4?

Flying alongside the DC6 will be other Douglas models, including the DC3 and DC4. The multi-purpose DC3 Dakota and the four-engined DC4 Skymaster will join other famous aircraft at the Cosford Air Show in Shropshire on June 14….DC4.

Acronym Definition
DC4 Device Control Four

What neighborhood is Meek Mill from?

Robert Rihmeek Williams was born on May 6, 1987, in South Philadelphia, the son of Kathy Williams. He has an older sister, Nasheema Williams. Kathy grew up in poverty and her mother died when she was young. Meek’s father was killed when Meek was five years old, apparently during an attempted robbery.

Who Meek Mill signed to 2021?

Dream Chasers Records and Roc Nation form an official joint venture label. Meek Mill and JAY-Z have joined forces for a new music business venture. The rapper and mogul are launching Mill’s new record label, Dream Chasers— a joint venture with JAY’s Roc Nation.

Who produced DC4?

DC4 (mixtape)

Label MMG Dream Chasers Atlantic
Producer Bennie Briggman Butter Beats (Dolla Bill Kidz) Cubeatz Honorable C.N.O.T.E. Infamous Rell Jahlil Beats MP808 Papamitrou Murda Beatz Nick Verruto OZ RaRa Sonny Digital Sound M.O.B. Streetrunner Tarik Azzouz Tariq Beats The Beat Bully The Mekanics
Meek Mill chronology

How much did dreams worth more than money sell first week?

The album made its entry at number one on the US Billboard 200; and sold 246,000 album-equivalent units in its first week, with 215,000 coming from traditional album sales, marking as Meek’s first number-one album on the chart.

How did D4C get love train?

It was given to Funny Valentine by the Saint’s Corpse. As a blessing from the Saint’s Corpse, Love Train is an overwhelmingly powerful ability that is both lethal and invincible thanks to its power over the concept of “misfortune”.

What is D4C JoJo?

D4C is among the most powerful Stands in the series. In its default form, it is a close-range Stand with above-average strength and speed. It is able to punch a grown man away violently ,With its most impressive showing of strength being when D4C came out of Hot Pants’ side and impaled her.

What is Meek Mill real name?

Robert Rihmeek WilliamsMeek Mill / Full name

How Old Is Meek Mill?

34 years (May 6, 1987)Meek Mill / Age

Who is Meek Mill currently signed to?

Meek Mill is currently signed to Atlantic Records and Maybach Music Group while also being under management with Roc Nation.

Where is Meek Mill parents from?

Robert Rihmeek Williams, also known as Meek Mill, is a rapper, songwriter, and activist. Williams was born on May 6, 1987 to Kathy Williams and an unnamed father in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Williams’s father died when he was five years old in a robbery attempt.