What Lego set is Commander Wolffe in?

The LEGO Star Wars Clone Commander Wolffe minifig was first introduced in 2011 in the set 7964 Republic Frigate and is currently estimated to be valued around $101 and an annual growth of about 31.4%.

Did wolffe do Order 66?

Since he removed his control implant, Wolffe was no longer able to be forced into complying with Order 66. Following the Clone Wars, Wolffe and his two comrades Rex and Gregor settled on Seelos and lived in a vintage AT-TE walker.

Is there a Lego Commander Cody?

Lead the Clone Army into battle with super-tough Clone Commander Cody™! This amazing buildable LEGO® figure has everything you need to recreate intense battles from the Star Wars saga, including fully posable limbs, custom orange clone armor, and buildable blaster rifle and backpack.

Is there a Lego Captain Rex?

The LEGO Star Wars Captain Rex minifig was first introduced in 2013 in the set 75012 BARC Speeder with Sidecar and is currently estimated to be valued around $171 and an annual growth of about 34.4%.

How did Gregor get off Abafar?

An elite clone commando thought lost at the grueling Battle of Sarrish, CC-5576-39 survived a shuttle crash that left him stranded on the distant world of Abafar, stripped of memory and identity.

What is Commander Cody’s backpack?

This item is 3D printed in 2 pieces: the main body, and the inner thruster. The pieces fit together with friction alone but can be glued together for a more secure fit. Standing at over 15″ tall, this is a life size replica and can be attacked to the back of typical clone armor.

What is the most expensive Lego Star Wars minifigure?

What is the most valuable Lego minifigure?

  • A gold reproduction of bounty hunter Boba Fett, from the original Star Wars trilogy, is the most expensive LEGO Minifigure ever made.
  • Set 926-1, ‘The Space Command Centre’ is the most valuable LEGO set, currently valued at $10,141.

When did the LEGO Captain Rex come out?

The first version of the Captain Rex minifigure was released in 2008 with the 7675 AT-TE set.

Why does wolffe wear a BARC helmet?

BARC speeder helmets limited the vision for a trooper to make it so that they can focus on what’s ahead of them while on speeders, so why would Wolffe use something that would make someone like him who goes on foot frequently be at s disadvantage?

Who is Wolffe in Star Wars?

Clone commander CC-3636, who took the name Wolffe as a mark of his individuality, once fought in the Clone Wars under the leadership of the Jedi general Plo Koon. Afterwards, he joined his old friend Captain Rex aboard their unusual AT-TE on Seelos.

What is the weight of legoclone Commander Wolffe?

LegoClone Commander Wolffe Item No: sw0330 Color Images 3D/Lrg Images Large Images Item Info Year Released: 2011 Weight: 4.1g Pack. Dim.:? Item Consists Of 6 Parts Item Appears In 1 Set +My Inventory Add to My Inventory Part Out 60 Lots For Sale ♥My Wanted List Add to My Wanted List Part Out

Is Captain Wolffe loyal to the rebels?

Afterwards, he joined his old friend Captain Rex aboard their unusual AT-TE on Seelos. Although brave and loyal to his friends, Wolffe is leery of helping out the Rebels due to his concerns about retaliation from the Empire.

How did general Wolffe lose his eye?

He lost his eye to Asajj Ventress at the Battle of Khorm, and was forced to wear a cybernetic replacement. Wolffe was involved in several missions throughout the Clone Wars, including the rescue of Generals Mace Windu and Anakin Skywalker on Vanqor.