What did Maya Angelou mean in caged bird?

Angelou uses the metaphor of a bird struggling to escape its cage, described in Paul Laurence Dunbar’s poem, as a prominent symbol throughout her series of autobiographies. Like elements within a prison narrative, the caged bird represents Angelou’s confinement resulting from racism and oppression.

What is the moral of I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings?

The story shows Maya’s personal journey as she works through her poor self-concept, unstable home life, sexual abuse, and teenage pregnancy. Some of the critical themes of this story surround racism, self-acceptance, and belonging.

What is the meaning of caged bird?

: a bird adaptable to being kept in a cage.

What does the song of the bird portray?

His singing is symbolic of his rebellion against oppression. His song diverges his hope and his inner strength. The struggle of the caged bird is parallel to the African American struggle for freedom and equality.

What is the main conflict in the poem Caged Bird?

Solution. The main conflict is that the caged bird wants the life of the free bird. The caged bird also wants the freedom to do whatever he wants.

What do the two birds symbolize in the caged bird?

The Free and Caged Birds The birds in “Caged Bird” can be seen as symbolizing two different racial groups. The caged bird, which has been forced to live its entire life in captivity, can be seen as representing the African American community, who suffer from race-based oppression.

How is freedom ironic in Maya Angelou’s poem caged bird?

This sentence is ironic as the caged bird is the one singing not the free bird as we expect. However, the words ‘fearful’ and ‘trill’ makes us realize that actually it is not a happy tune but a desperate cry for freedom. This relief enables us to reach to more depth and appreciate freedom.

How is the caged bird different from the free bird according to the poet?

Ans- The poet contrasts the free bird and the caged bird by using a number of images. The free bird joyfully leaps on the back of the wind and floats downstream till the current ends. He soars to claim the sky while the caged bird stalks down his narrow cage.