Is the McLaren MP4-x real car?

The McLaren MP4-X is a concept car produced by the McLaren Formula 1 team in 2015. It was introduced in order reduce the impact of F1 track accidents on the driver. This car’s successful testing phases paved the way for the creation of the McLaren X2.

What does MP4 mean in McLaren?

McLaren has dropped the “MP4” prefix from the name of its future F1 cars after deciding to call its 2017 car MCL32. The MP4 name stood for “Marlboro Project Four” and was introduced by former CEO Ron Dennis when he merged his F2 team, Project Four Racing, with McLaren in 1981.

How fast is McLaren MP4-X?


Stage PR (Upgrades) Top Speed
Base 130.3 250 mph 402 kph
Max w/ R 134.8 (1121111) 257 mph 413 kph
Max 145.3 (7434442) 275 mph 443 kph

What is the mp4x?

McLaren has showcased its vision for the future of motor racing by unveiling the MP4-X concept. The single-seat, closed cockpit racer previews technology currently in development by McLaren’s advanced solutions arm McLaren Applied Technologies.

Why is it called mp412c?

It stands for McLaren Project 4, resulting from the merger of Ron Dennis’ Project 4 organisation with McLaren. – The ’12’ refers to McLaren’s internal Vehicle Performance Index through which it rates key performance criteria both for competitors and for its own cars.

Who designed the McLaren MP4-12C?

Frank Stephenson

McLaren 12C
Designer Frank Stephenson
Body and chassis
Class Sports car (S)
Body style 2-door coupé 2-door retractable hard-top convertible

Why is it called MP4-12C?

Who designed the McLaren mp44?

Steve Nichols
The McLaren MP4/4 was the Formula One car raced by McLaren-Honda in the 1988 season. It was designed by Steve Nichols. The car was an evolution based the car on the MP4/3 from 1987. It was driven by Alain Prost and Ayrton Senna.

What makes the MP4-X special?

The MP4-X utilises advanced energy recovery and charging. A high-strength canopy would provide significant head protection for the driver. It would also improve aerodynamic performance. The chassis is fitted with sophisticated ultra-lightweight solar paneling as a supplemental energy source.

What is the McLaren MP4-X?

The McLaren MP4-X is a concept car produced by the McLaren Formula 1® team. It is supposed to represent a Formula 1 car from the future. The McLAREN MP4-X is available 2 series: McLaren MP4-X (Exclusive Series) in the Exclusive Series category.

What is the MP4-X and how can it help Formula 1?

Higher efficiency of the cars in Formula 1 helps to increase the sustainability of the sport as a whole, and the MP4-X would couple solar energy capture with the more traditional regenerative systems that are currently employed. This is energy that can supplement existing onboard systems, or that can be deployed as a boost option.

Are MP4-X’s wheel covers worth the money?

“MP4-X’s wheel covers have an aero benefit, but, because the wheel is now fully encased, they also offer far greater visualisation of what the tyre is doing and how it’s behaving,” says Tim Strafford, Head of Business Development, McLaren Applied Technologies.