Is the M1A a good gun?

It is accurate, offers fast follow-up shots, it is extremely reliable, and it takes optics relatively easily. The M1A Standard from Springfield is a reproduction of that classic M14 rifle retrofitted for civilian use. The Standard comes chambered . 308 Win. or 7.62 NATO.

How accurate is a Springfield Armory M1A?

The most accurate ammunition for the M1A was the 152-gr. Dual Performance, which clocked in close to 1.25 MOA group at 100 yards on a very hot day. Both 175-gr. bullets shot 1.5 MOA very constantly.

Is Springfield M1A an assault rifle?

But in 1994, President Clinton signed into law the Federal Assault Weapons Ban, which prohibited the manufacture of civilian firearms with a bayonet lug, and subsequently Springfield removed the feature from the M1A rifle, and they have not restored it even after the law expired in 2004.

What is the thread pitch on a Springfield M1A?

5/8-24 RH
Additional Information

Material: Black Steel
Internal Threads: .595-32 RH
External Threads: 5/8-24 RH
Gun Type: Springfield M1A
Gun Type: Springfield M14

Is the M1A a good sniper rifle?

Springfield Armory – M1A Best sniper rifle for competition shooting A modern take on an old school infantry precision rifle. This is a precision gun made from the M14/variants that was in major use by the US military in the modern era prior to the last three generations of precision rifles.

Is the M1A considered an assault rifle?

The M1A is a semi-auto rifle, hence labeled “assault rifle”. The Remington 700 is a bolt action rifle… therefore NOT labeled a “assault rifle”. Both are dangerous weapons in a trained marksman possession.

What’s the difference between a M1A or M14?

The M1A is strictly a semi automatic rifle. There is no way that it can be made to operate in a full automatic mode. The M14, on the other hand, is a selective fire military weapon . This translates into it being able to operate in selective automatic fire mode.

Are Springfield Armory’s M1A made in the US?

Springfield Armory Inc. engineers, manufactures and assembles their legendary M1A™, 1911, 911 and SAINT® AR-15 lines of firearms in Geneseo, Illinois.