Are Riga Sprats sardines?

These Riga Sprats are tiny, fine, firm little Brisling sardines that are naturally smoked over Oak hardwood logs and then packed with Sunflower oil in big, round 5.6oz tins. This big tin contains 24 to 30 fish (head off) packed in 3 neat layers.

Where do Riga Sprats come from?

Often known simply as ‘Riga Sprats’ they have been produced in Latvia since the 19th Century, and they have become one of the country’s most famous brands. The Baltic Sprat is a small, herring-like fish, found mainly in the Baltic Sea.

Where are Riga Gold sardines from?

by Riga Gold. Product of Latvia. Smoked sardines are a unique delicacy that are popular in Europe. Revered in the former Soviet Union, they have been produced in Latvia since the 19th century.

Are Riga Gold sprats healthy?

They also boost brain health and lower the levels of bad cholesterol. Sprats are probably the most nutritious food there is. Give them a try as a snack or a quick lunch.

Is sprat and sardine the same?

Sprats are not a type of sardine although they are both from the same clupeidae family of fish. Sardines are from the genus Sardina while sprats are from the genus sprattus.

Are sprats always smoked?

In Northern Europe, European sprats are commonly smoked and preserved in oil, which retains a strong, smoky flavor.

What sprat means?

Definition of sprat 1a : a small European marine fish (Sprattus sprattus) of the herring family. — called also brisling. b : any of various small or young fish (such as an anchovy) related to or resembling the herrings. 2 : a young, small, or insignificant person.

Are sprats high in mercury?

Sprats Have a Minimal Mercury Content Compared to larger predatory fish species, this means that sprats are low on the ocean food chain and do not accumulate much mercury. The main reason for this is because mercury bioaccumulates in larger fish as they eat the smaller ones (14, 15).

Where do Brisling sardines come from?

Referred to in Europe as sprats, brisling sardines are caught in the cool, clear waters of Northern Europe. Under 4” long, brislings are less than half the size of other sardines. With a mild flavour and no noticeable scales, these silvery little fish have a tender, delicate texture.

Are sprats better than sardines?

Sprats and sardines are different species although from the same family. Sardines are longer, weigh more and live longer than sprats. Sprats have a stronger and meatier taste than the fishier sardine. Sardines provide a higher percentage of B vitamins and minerals than sprats.