What toner do I need for Brother MFC-L2700DW?

TN660 toner cartridges
The Brother MFC-L2700DW laser printer uses TN660 toner cartridges. The TN660 is a high yield toner cartridge that prints 2,600 pages.

How do you reset the toner on a Brother MFC-L2700DW?

Type in * 0 0 (Star Zero Zero) on the keypad. 7. Close the cover. Your toner is now reset….Reset Brother MFC-L2700dw Drum:

  1. Make sure that the machine is turned on.
  2. Open the front cover.
  3. Press and hold OK for 2 seconds.
  4. Press the Up arrow key or 1 to reset the drum counter.
  5. Close the front cover.

What toner does the Brother MFC L2710dw use?

The Brother MFC-L2710dw printer uses the TN730 (standard yield) or TN760 (high yield) toner cartridge together with a DR730 drum unit. You need both a toner cartridge a drum unit for your MFC-L2710dw to print.

Does the Brother MFC L2700DW print in color?

A: This printer prints in black and white but scans in color. A: Yes it auto feeds on scan. You can also scan on flat bed and combine into single file.

How to reset a brother toner cartridge?

Leave your printer powered on and open the front cover. You will see a message saying ‘cover is open’.

  • Press the “back”/“Clear” button.
  • Now,scroll through your options. Options for all colors will be available.
  • Choose and select the size and color of the toner that will be reset.
  • Press “Ok”.
  • Press “Back”/“Clear”.
  • Close the front cover.
  • How to scan to computer from brother MFC l2700dw?

    – Load your document on to your Brother machine. – (Windows 8) On the Start screen, click . – Click Paint. – Click File, and then click From scanner or camera. – If you have multiple imaging devices installed on your computer, choose your scanner and click OK. – Set scanning options ,and then click Scan. – The scanned image will be displayed.

    How to remove toner cartridge from Brother printer?

    Verify you replace only the Toner Cartridge and not the drum unit. > Click here to see information for the difference between the toner cartridge and the drum unit. NOTE: Brother strongly recommends that customers use only genuine Brother drum units and/or toner cartridges. Each Brother laser printer is designed to work at pre-set temperatures

    How to replace brother toner?

    Replace the toner cartridge. Slide the green tab on the drum unit from side to side 3 times. Be sure to return the tab to the home position (1). Put the drum unit assembly back into the machine and close the cover. If you install a new genuine Brother toner cartridge but the Replace Toner message remains, the drum unit and toner cartridge