What channels are included in xfinity basic package?

Xfinity Basic TV Channel List

ABC Antenna TV CBS
Comet Court TV CSPAN HD
Educational Programming Eternal Word Television Network Government Access
GRIT Home Shopping Network HSN2
Independent Broadcasters ION Media Networks Justice Network

What is basic cable?

“Basic cable” refers to a cheap TV package with a local channel lineup available from a cable provider. Basic cable usually costs $20–$50 per month for roughly 40–70 local channels. But you don’t have to pay a cable company monthly to get basic cable channels.

What are the basic channels?

Basic cable channel lineup

  • ABC.
  • CBS.
  • FOX.
  • PBS.
  • Telemundo.
  • Univision.
  • Additional government and public-access channels.

What channels are included with Xfinity basic?

Movie channels. Xfinity TV offers several premium movie channels,beginning at$10 per month.

  • Sports channels. Looking for a package to satiate your sports cravings? Xfinity has got you covered.
  • Music channels. There are plenty of music channels that your ears will be begging for.
  • Xfinity features. Looking for a range of channels with a Latino flair?
  • What channels are included in Comcast basic cable?


  • PBS
  • PBS Kids
  • TBS
  • TBN
  • Telemundo
  • UniMás
  • Univision
  • What channels are on basic cable?

    Basic cable TV packages will include ABC, CBS, FOX, PBS, and other public-access local channels. Some expanded plans come with fancy cable channels—like Disney Channel, ESPN, MTV, or Fox News Channel—but they’re still stripped down compared to advertised cable packages.

    What channels does Xfinity offer?

    NFL RedZone ($9.99/mo.)

  • Playboy TV ($19.99/mo.)
  • SHOWTIME® ($12.00/mo.)
  • STARZ ($8.99/mo.)
  • STREAMPIX ($4.99/mo.)
  • TMC ($12.00/mo.)