How do I contact Grubhub customer care?

Any delivery partner who experiences sexual or other harassment may submit a complaint by placing a call to Grubhub’s Customer Care Team at 1-877-585-1085, or via email to [email protected].

Do you get a discount if you work for Grubhub?

Do Grubhub Drivers get any perks? Grubhub drivers have access to special discounts and opportunities just by partnering with Grubhub!

Do Grubhub employees get free delivery?

Grubhub drivers do not recieve free food, but they are eligible for a set of special discounts and opportunities! For a full list of rewards, check out our Rewards page.

Does Grubhub have online chat?

Online ChatGrubhub / Customer service chat

What day does Grubhub pay?

If you do not wish to use the Instant Cash Out feature, payments are sent on Thursdays to your bank via direct deposit.

What is Grubhub’s address?

GrubHub Contacts

Email: *****@*******.***
Direct Phone: *** **** *** ext: ****
Assistant Name: ** **** ***
Assistant Phone: *** **** ***
Address: 111 West Washington Street Suite 2100 Chicago, IL 60602 USA

What is Grubhub bonus?

Accept every offer and get a $4 bonus for every completed delivery during the dinner rush. I’ve learned that high acceptance rate = low profit and lots of miles, especially with Grubhub. But four bucks a delivery extra? At two deliveries per hour, that’s an extra $8 per hour.

How do I report missing food on Grubhub?

Missing Food/Wrong Order In the case of Grubhub, if you would like to file a complaint, dial the number (1)-877-585-1085, and explain the issue. Then, see if they can either refund your order or send a new driver to deliver the missing food (while likely waiving the Grubhub delivery fee).

Can you cancel Grubhub order?

Navigate to the order that you wish to edit/cancel. Click the option to cancel your Grubhub order. Make sure that you’ve selected a reason for the cancelation and that you’ve added some details about the situation.

Can Grubhub fire you?

GrubHub’s regulations state that drivers work in shifts and must accept at least 75 percent of the calls sent to them during those times. If their acceptance rate falls below 75%, or if they do not arrive at a restaurant by a designated cut-off time, GrubHub will dismiss them.

Who pays more Grubhub or DoorDash?

The bottom line is that both DoorDash and Grubhub typically pay above minimum wage. If you get lucky with tips or work during peak hours, you can earn $20+ per hour. Winner: DoorDash likely has higher hourly pay than Grubhub since you can work in multiple markets, so there’s more opportunity.