Will Brinson Week 17 picks?

2. NFL Week 17 picks

  • Will Brinson: Bengals 35-31 over Chiefs (Cincinnati covers +4.5).
  • Jonathan Jones: Titans over Dolphins (Cincinnati -170 moneyline).
  • Jordan Dajani: Cowboys 35-26 over Cardinals (Dallas covers +5.5).
  • Tyler Sullivan: Packers 30-21 over Vikings (Green Bay covers -6.5).

What teams won in Week 17 NFL?

NFL standings after Week 17

  • Tennessee Titans (11-5), champions, AFC South.
  • Kansas City Chiefs (11-5), champions, AFC West.
  • Cincinnati Bengals (10-6), champions, AFC North.
  • Buffalo Bills (10-6), first place, AFC East.
  • New England Patriots (10-6), second place, AFC East.
  • Indianapolis Colts (9-7), second place, AFC South.

Who do the Bengals play in Week 17?

Kansas City Chiefs
Kansas City Chiefs in NFL Week 17: Everything to know.

Why is Week 17 so important in the NFL?

Week 17 is a special kind of magic. The best teams in the league often have the least to play for, while the worst seem unsure whether they should try to win or lose. For some teams, it’s the most important week of the year; for others, it’s just an annoying obligation. You can never really be sure which teams will show up.

What if the Packers and 49ers were 12-3 in Week 17?

But this year, the Packers and 49ers also went into Week 17 at 12-3. If either team lost, the Saints would have gotten a first-round bye. But the 49ers beat both the Packers and Saints in the regular season, giving them the no. 1 seed in case of a three-way tie, and the Packers had the better conference record, giving them the no. 2 seed.

Which NFL teams play Randos in Week 17?

Lots of teams play randos Week 17. The Vikings played Sean Mannion, who had just one start at quarterback in his first five seasons in the NFL, in place of Kirk Cousins. The Bills’ two leading receivers were Duke Williams and Tommy Sweeney, who had 11 receptions for 184 yards Sunday—they’d previously combined for nine career receptions.

Is Monday Night Football a make-or-break game in Week 17?

Week 17 concludes with Pittsburgh hosting Cleveland on ” Monday Night Football .” Both teams have disappointed, but neither has been officially eliminated from postseason contention, so this is a make-or-break contest between AFC North rivals. So which teams will come out on top in every NFL game in Week 17?