What is Jiva and Ajiva?

As nouns the difference between jiva and ajiva is that jiva is (in jainism ) all living beings; the essence or soul of such beings while ajiva is (in jainism ) all inanimate objects.

What are the Jivas from two senses to five senses called?

Trasakaya Jiva – Class of beings who are mobile. They fall under the category of two-sensed, three-sensed, four-sensed, and five-sensed beings.

What is Paryapti in Jainism?

Paryapti: Paryapti means a special power through which the jiva takes in matter (Pudgals) like food and converts it into separate kinds of energy.

How many types of Jiva are there in Jainism?

As the soul cycles, states Padmanabh Jaini, Jainism traditions believe that it goes through five types of bodies: earth bodies, water bodies, fire bodies, air bodies and vegetable lives.

What is this Atma?

Ātman (Atma, आत्मा, आत्मन्) is a Sanskrit word which refers to “essence, breath.” It is derived from the Proto-Indo-European word *h₁eh₁tmṓ (a root meaning “breath” with Germanic cognates: Dutch adem, Old High German atum “breath,” Modern German atmen “to breathe” and Atem “respiration, breath”, Old English eþian).

What are the three jewels of Jainism?

In Jainism the three jewels (also referred to as ratnatraya) are understood as samyagdarshana (“right faith”), samyagjnana (“right knowledge”), and samyakcharitra (“right conduct”). One of the three cannot exist exclusive of the others, and all are required for spiritual liberation.

Do Jains believe life after death?

Jain beliefs about the soul After each bodily death, the jiva is reborn into a different body to live another life, until it achieves liberation.

What is Panchendriya?

Panchendriya is a Sanskrit term meaning “the five senses”. We facilitate to awaken your senses through traditional and proven techniques. Courses and massage sessions are offered in India and other countries. Prabhat Menon is the guiding spirit of Panchendriya.

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