How much is a Ford GT 2014?

About the 2014 Ford Mustang

Convertible Original MSRP/Price Horsepower
Mustang 2dr Conv GT $36210 / $33404 420
Mustang 2dr Conv GT Premium $40310 / $37186 420
Mustang 2dr Conv Shelby GT500 $60110 / $54850 662
Mustang 2dr Conv V6 $27510 / $25928 305

How much did a Mustang cost in 2014?

Ford Mustang

TRIM Original MSRP 5-Year Cost to Own / Rating
GT Coupe $31,210 Coming Soon / N.A.
Premium Convertible $31,610 Coming Soon / N.A.
GT Premium Coupe $35,310 Coming Soon / N.A.
GT Convertible $36,210 Coming Soon / N.A.

How much horsepower does a 2014 5.0 Mustang have?

305 to 420 hp2014 Ford Mustang / Horsepower

How many miles do 2014 Mustangs last?

Usually, the Mustang lasts for about 200,000 miles. If the car is adequately maintained, it can last even longer.

Is the 2015 Mustang GT reliable?

The 2015 Mustang has a poor reliability rating of two out of five from J.D. Power.

Where can I buy a 2014 Ford Mustang GT Premium s?

TrueCar has 83 used 2014 Ford Mustang Gt-premium s for sale nationwide, including a GT Premium Coupe and a GT Premium Coupe. Prices for 2014 Ford Mustang Gt-premium s currently range from to, with vehicle mileage ranging from to.

What kind of horsepower does a 2014 Ford Mustang have?

In anticipation of a major redesign next year, commemorating the 50th anniversary of the iconic model, the 2014 Ford Mustang gets only some different paint colors and package contents. The Boss 302 model is dropped and the Shelby GT500’s horsepower rating climbs to 662 (previously the temporary “over-rev” spec).

What kind of interior does the 2014 Ford Mustang have?

The 2014 Ford Mustang’s cabin is cozy and comfortable for a performance car. Soft-touch surfaces lend a more premium feel, offsetting the impression of swaths of flat surfaces and plastic panels.

What is the electronics package on a 2014 Ford Mustang?

In the Premium and GT500 models, the Electronics Package adds an 8-inch color touch screen and navigation system. Not looking a whole lot different from prior years is one of the things that keep the Ford Mustang iconic. For 2014, the Mustang gets some new paint colors.