Who did the Reds trade Didi Gregorius for?

Arizona Diamondbacks
Arizona Diamondbacks traded Didi Gregorius to New York Yankees as part of 3-team trade in which New York Yankees sent Shane Greene to Detroit Tigers; and Detroit Tigers sent Robbie Ray and Domingo Leyba to Arizona Diamondbacks.

Did the Reds make a trade?

– The Cincinnati Reds completed their third trade of the week Wednesday, losing another familiar face and longtime player, but the club is now committing more money to its big-league roster. The Reds traded reliever Amir Garrett to the Kansas City Royals for left-handed starting pitcher Mike Minor and $500,000.

What happened Didi Gregorius?

Re-signing Didi Gregorius looks like a costly mistake by the Philadelphia Phillies. This offseason, the Phillies signed Gregorius to a two-year, $28 million deal. With a little more than a month left in his first year of the deal, that’s … not looking so good.

Who did the Diamondbacks trade Trevor Bauer for?

shortstop Didi Gregorious
Bauer’s time with the Diamondbacks came to an end on Dec. 11, 2012 when he was traded to the Cleveland Indians in a six-player deal headlined by shortstop Didi Gregorious. Bauer was later traded to the Reds in a three-team trade in 2019.

When did the Yankees trade Didi Gregorius?

December 5, 2014
The Yankees acquired Gregorius on December 5, 2014, in a three-team trade with Arizona and the Detroit Tigers: Gregorius went from Arizona to New York, Shane Greene went from New York to Detroit, and Robbie Ray and Domingo Leyba went from Detroit to Arizona.

Why was Gregorius knighted?

When he won the 2011 IBAF Baseball World Cup with Curacao, Gregorius and his teammates were knighted instead of receiving monetary compensation.

Who has the Reds traded this year?

Cincinnati Reds trade OF Jesse Winker, 3B Eugenio Suárez to Seattle Mariners. GOODYEAR, Ariz. – One day after the Cincinnati Reds traded Sonny Gray, they continued to tear down their roster by trading All-Star left fielder Jesse Winker and third baseman Eugenio Suárez to the Seattle Mariners on Monday.

Did Jesse Winker get traded?

— For the second straight day, the Reds pulled off a stunning trade. All-Star outfielder Jesse Winker and former All-Star third baseman Eugenio Suárez were traded to the Mariners on Monday.

What is wrong with Didi Gregorius injury?

Gregorius isn’t sure that he will. At least not this season. He’s still taking medication to manage pseudogout, a rare condition that caused painful swelling in his right elbow and left him on the injured list for 49 days.

How much is Didi Gregorius worth?

$28 million
The deal, which a source said is pending a physical, is worth $28 million and comes a day after the Phillies finalized a five-year contract with J.T. Realmuto worth $115.5 million.

How did Indians acquire Trevor Bauer?

The Indians announced Wednesday morning that they have traded the right-handed Bauer to the Reds as part of a three-team deal with the Padres. Bauer’s name had been discussed in trade rumors all offseason, but the Indians were never offered a deal that was enough to make them bite.

Why is Didi Gregorius knighted?

But the players soon found out there was no prize money. Instead, they were knighted on behalf of Queen Beatrix, who was then the queen of the Netherlands. Gregorius became “Sir Didi” in a ceremony in Curaçao a month after the tournament as he became a Knight of the Order of Orange-Nassau, which was founded in 1892.

Will Didi Gregorius sign with the Cincinnati Reds?

Didi Gregorius is going to sign with the Cincinnati Reds. Or at least that’s the prediction from Tim Dierkes, Steve Adams, and Connor Byrne of MLB Trade Rumors who published their Top 50 MLB Free Agent Predictions on Monday morning. The Reds notably have an opening at shortstop.

Should the Reds put the full-court press on Didi Gregorius?

Nick Krall and the Cincinnati Reds ownership need to go all-in and put the full-court press on Didi Gregorius and his representation. Looking at the average annual value of LeMahieu’s contract ($15M), if the Reds offered Gregorius a three-year/$39M contract, the former Cincinnati farmhand may have a hard time saying no.

What does DJ LeMahieu’s signing mean for Didi Gregorius?

The Reds competition to sign Didi Gregorius is shrinking. DJ LeMahieu is set to sign a six-year/$90M contract with the New York Yankees. That’s great news for the Cincinnati Reds. Why? Didi Gregorius, arguably the best shortstop on the open market, was said to be New York’s contingency plan in the event LeMahieu signed elsewhere.

What is Didi Gregorius’ salary?

Assuming that all of the years are equal in salary, that’s $13M a year, which is less than he was paid last season. And with Gregorius, there’s no draft pick attached to signing him as the Philadelphia Phillies chose to not extend him a qualifying offer.