What is a Viper 640?

The Viper 640 is a strict one-design keelboat where the true test, when raced, is between helms persons and crews, and not boats and equipment. This offers fair sailing and is the fundamental rule of the Viper 640 Class.

What makes the Viper class so special?

One of the many things that distinguishes the Viper Class from others is the willingness of those at the front of the pack to share their techniques with those in the middle and bottom. This happened again in Sarasota. Here are a few words of wisdom from the top 3 finishers on how their regatta […]

What is Viper sailing?

The Viper philosophy incorporated in the rules is that “We want to go sailing, not use our time custom rigging our boats. We want an emphasis on sailing skills not differences between boats. We want to win or lose races on the water with the same exact boat as our fellow sailors” .

What are the class rules?

The Class Rules are written to prevent any changes from the standard boat that might be perceived to affect performance or boat handling, so that on the water each boat is the same. The few options to the standard boat that are allowed are minor. We want the boats to look and feel the same.