How do you make Mawdrey gw2?

Mawdrey is created by planting a Pet Seed into a Mists Infused Clay Pot.

Can you make Mawdrey twice?

PSA: A second Mawdrey 2 won’t allow you to consume twice as much Bloodstone dust. I searched about it but didn’t find anything, so I went ahead and crafted a second Mawdrey 2, turns out, oddly enough, the two plants share a timer and after one is full, so is the other.

How do I change stats on Mawdrey?

Unfortunately ascended stat swapping doesn’t work on back items, so the only way to change the stats on Mawdrey once they’ve been selected is to infuse it. This creates a new item so the stats can be selected again, but it will only work once.

How do I get the water of Rhand?

Jump off the platform and swim underneath the platform that holds the mortar you just shot. Inside on the wall is Fresh Water leaking through the wall. Interact with it and you will be given the option to bottle the water.

How do you get Herta gw2?

Getting Herta All you need to do is going to Vinetooth Den which you can get by climbing the stairs next to Eastwatch Waypoint and just drop down to the den below. Once you are in the den, look for Herta’s corpse and this will finish the achievement.

How do you get cultivated seeds?


  1. Cultivate the Mysterious Seed into a Mysterious Vine.
  2. Talk to Azarr Softhoof to exchange a bugged Pet Seed back into a Cultivated Seed.

How do I open Rhand font?

Kill the charr in the room, and then pull on the chains in the deepest part of the room to open the gate beneath.

How do I get to the flame temple tombs?

Access to the minidungeon is through the Font of Rhand portal, which only opens up after the Flame Legion Battles meta event is completed. It closes again when the Flame Legion recaptures an objective of the meta-event chain. Much of the mini-dungeon is underwater.

Can I destroy Auric viewer?

Once the achievement has been completed, the item can safely be destroyed as it serves no purpose other than interacting with the tablets.

How do you get mawdrey backpiece in Guild Wars 2?

Mawdrey is one of Guild Wars 2 ’s most sought after backpieces and it’s also one of the most expensive and difficult to create. It requires players to participate in a variety of tasks and content in order to obtain a series of items to grow the backpiece.

Can you craft mawdrey 2 plant crafting guide GW2?

GW2 Mawdrey Ascended Backpiece and Mawdrey II plant crafting guide.

Note: If you received the Pet Seed from Cultivated Seed during the August 12 patch, you can make the Mawdrey backpiece without having to make the Cultivated Vinebackpiece due to the August 13 patch.

How do you get mawdrey 2?

Mawdrey IIis a “plant” that feed on Bloodstone Dust. It can only eat 200 Bloodstone Dust per day and give you a Gift for each 50 Bloodstone Dust it eats. The gifts are mostly greens, some gathered plants, and general junk. You will receive Mawdrey II for free when you crafted have crafted Mawdrey

What is a gift from mawdrey II?

A Gift From Mawdrey II contains random loot ranging from crafting materials/ingredients to trophies, gear and consumables. Mawdrey II can be fed 3-6 times per day depending on how many other gifts an account has already received. Mawdrey II is automatically awarded after creating Mawdrey, an ascended back item.