How do you make a flow staff?

Steps for Creation:

  1. Grab your saw and lop off the rounded tip of the broom and the metal ferrule at the bottom – If you want to make a short staff, or are a short person, then take off more length.
  2. Grab your grip tape, tape measure, and staves.
  3. Take those tire tubes and cut out the metal nipple to create a uniform tube.

How long should your flow staff be?

Generally, you want as long a staff as you can safely and comfortably spin without hitting the ground. A good way to start is to measure from the ground to the midpoint between your lower lip and the bottom of your chin. This is a good average contact staff length, specifically sized to your body.

How long should a staff be for spinning?

120cm-130cm – Often seen as a standard size for a first-time staff. Great for single and double staff spinning but can be a bit long and heavy for finger spinning manipulations or staff juggling. However, this size can be a bit light / short for a lot of contact staffers who tend to prefer longer and heavier staffs.

What is the flow of work?

Work flow is the sequence of connected steps that make up a work process. Work flow is considered as an abstraction of real work involving the effort of a group of people. Determining an efficient work flow can add significant value to an organization’s activities.

How tall should a dragon staff be?

The most common length for a Dragon Staff is anywhere between eye height and chin height. Either measure from the ground to your eyes or you can deduct 150mm from your height.

What is flow of work in office?

Flow of work is concerned with the way work move along with one operation to another. It denotes the volume of work going through the rate at which it moves along and the smoothness of its passage.

What are the different forms of flow arts?

Common forms of Flow Arts include Poi & Staff spinning, hula hoop (or “hooping”), juggling, sphere manipulation (or “contact juggling”), and fan dance. New props and expressions are emerging all the time as flow artists cross pollinate with martial arts, yoga, circus, belly dance, and beyond.

Why train as a flow artist?

Many flow artists achieve a greater degree of fitness, and are even driven to do additional strength and flexibility training simply to perform better at their art. One man lost a hundred pounds as he trained with his staff over several years.

What are the health benefits of flow arts?

There are many health benefits to Flow Arts as well. A skill-based movement art naturally brings more of our awareness to our bodies. As we use our muscles to control props through space and to dance with the props we are engaging in an easy and fun form of exercise. Many flow artists achieve a greater degree of fitness,…

Is the flow-wand easy to learn?

The flow-wand is beautiful, versatile, crowd-pleasing and addictive, plus it’s easy to learn. Once you’ve mastered the basics of short string wand, you can progress to long string wand, double wand or contact wand – all styles of wand that are engaging and fun. There’s nothing like spinning a stick around!